How Organization manage change and innovation

How can an organization manage change and innovation?




There are different key activities for innovation such as generating new ideas, creating resources and funds generation, development of those ideas and then implementing those ideas which have certain steps. First the organization measures the problem then they look for their weaknesses and find out why they are unable to reach their goals. The speed, cost and quality also gets measured by the organization. The organization needs to find the area which requires a change and the main source of the problem. Thus funding and contribution of the management is another area of study which includes the behavior, responses of the senior management and other personnel.

Organization manages change most effectively to practice the open environment and to communicate this process to all of their employees is the major task. Thus they establish open policies and two way communication process, two way communication feedbacks to manage the change and to manage the innovation. Organization need to influence their employees to appreciate those changes and to accept those changes. They should be clearly communicated about the benefits and strong part of that change. Organization first needs to provide training to their employees so they can adapt to those challenges. Employees should get ideas about their skills and knowledge and thus they are require receiving appropriate training to meet the demands and needs of the change management. New skills and new knowledge thus new expertise are required to adapt to new changes. Thus organization is requiring proper training to their employees for managing change and innovation in the organization effectively. Therefore, organization is also require motivating their employees and creating a positive approach and positive perception in their mind so they can perform well and responds positively.

Organization change is very systemic; it helps in examining and redesigning the purpose and vision of the customers which comprises of four main things such as structure, work process, people and tools.

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