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  • Q : Compute the minimum CMRR in op-amps The

    The instrumentation amplifier demonstrated below is used to monitor the human ECG. Common-mode interference is present that has amplitude 20 times which of the ECG signal. Compute the minimum CMRR needed in the op-amps used when the maximum error in the signal at the

  • Q : Explain the terms RAM Define the given

    Define the given terms:

    RAM, data memory and code memory.

  • Q : Controllability and Observability What

    What is meant by Controllability and Observability?

  • Q : Size of inverters Explain the

    Explain the phenomenon of gradually increasing the size of the inverters in the buffer design while trying to run high capacitive load? Why not provide the output of circuit into one large inverter?

  • Q : What is co-operative process Explain

    Explain the term co-operative process?

  • Q : Analysis on Wireless Technology 4. When

    4. When the bit rate of a message signal from the message sequence generator and the bit rate of a PN code from the multiple sequence generators are compared, which is higher? How did you compare them? Could you determine by how much the bit rate of one is higher?

  • Q : Indirect Grid Connection & battery bank

    Large-scale use of wind power raises many questions in integration into the existing electric power grid. Wind power is an intermittent energy source which must be used when available. If a large fraction of a system's energy is to come from wind power, provisions must be made to supply load duri

  • Q : Various types of communications Write

    Write down the various types of communications? Describe briefly.

  • Q : Benefits of ARCHIVELOG mode and NO

    What are the benefits of operating a database in ARCHIVELOG mode over operating this in NO ARCHIVELOG mode?

    Answer: Whole database recovery from disk failure is prob

  • Q : Find coefficients with evaluating

    A Wheatstone bridge based pressure transducer includes a transfer characteristic specified by the relationship as given below:

    Vout = bp + cp2

    Here p is the input pressure applied to the transducer that is calibrated for end point accuracy. So, the transducer

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