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  • Q : Find out the number of turns of a coil

    A coil wound upon an air-filled former of length 10 centimeter is fed along with a current of 2 Amp. If the coil should produce a magnetic flux density of 0.1 Wbm-2 within the former, find out the number of turns needed.

  • Q : Calculate maximum length of cable when

    A simple transistor buffer is needed to drive a length coaxial cable containing a capacitance of 100pF per meter length. The whole steady-state power dissipation of the buffer should not exceed 250mW and the propagation delay of a pulse transmitted along the cable sho

  • Q : Deterministic and random signals

    Explain what is meant by the term deterministic and random signals?

  • Q : Find current in conductor of permanent

    The pole faces of a permanent magnet measure 100 millimeter high by 200mm wide. This is needed to acquire an acceleration of 10ms-2 of a single length of current-carrying conductor that weighs 250gm-1 and is positioned vertically inside the magnetic field, passing horizontal

  • Q : BVP using finite difference an example

    an example of a c++ program using finite difference method usin boundary value problam

  • Q : Frequency sampling method for

    Explain the principle of designing the FIR filter using the method of frequency sampling? Specify for what kind of the filters frequency sampling method is appropriate?

  • Q : Define CMRR of recording system and

    The instrumentation amplifier demonstrated below is to be used such as the front-end phase of an ECG recording system. The ECG electrodes consist of a nominal impedance of 20k, along with a mismatch of up to 5k among them. All of the operational amplifiers include a m

  • Q : Describe rationale of design approach

    A driver circuit is needed to operate the solenoid that controls the flow-valve within an effluent disposal system. There valve opens while the solenoid is activated upon receipt of an active-high input control pulse, consisting of a minimum level of ½ of the s

  • Q : Power Electronics I need your help a

    I need your help a lot this semester. So, please take care of me by giving me wright solutions. I have two final projects and weakly homework and I will submit them later based on your done.

  • Q : Anti-symmetrical and symmetrical impulse

    For what kind of application, the anti-symmetrical impulse and the symmetrical impulse response may be used?