ECO-01 Business

write an explanatory note on OTCEI.

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  • Q : Exploit consumers in highly competitive

    This is difficult for firms within highly competitive markets to exploit consumers since: (i) consumer advocates organize boycotts that generate bad publicity. (ii) market pressures force fair distributions of products. (iii) the government sets price

  • Q : Society decide its optimal point on the

    How does society decide its optimal point on the production possibilities curve?

  • Q : Micro economics and macro economics

    Micro economics and macro economics:

    Economic theory can be widely divided into micro and macroeconomics. The word micro means small and macro means big.

    In microeconomics, we deal

  • Q : National currencies of foreign exchange

    Elucidate various national currencies of foreign exchange market?

  • Q : When Economic efficiency is present

    Economic efficiency is present while the: (w) economic system is a pure socialist system. (x) resources obtainable are slightly wasted. (y) value of output is maximized, specified restricted resources. (z) utilization of resources is minimized.


  • Q : Market efficiency while transaction

    Transaction costs tend to be decreased and markets are more efficient when: (w) the government subsidizes a good. (x) inter-market price differentials are eliminated through arbitrage. (y) taxes are used to give for social wants. (z) regulations close

  • Q : Market structure and pricing decision

    Just need help to see if I am in the right direction if there any think wrong need help with it.

  • Q : Perfect competition and efficiency

    Which of the given describes a condition in which a good or service is produced at the lowest probable cost: w) productive efficiency. x) allocative efficiency. y) marginal efficiency. z) profit maximization


  • Q : Summary of what can cause an increase

    Illustrate a summary of what can cause an increase in demand?

  • Q : International Trade & Globalization


    1.   Long-term Growth, International Trade & Globalization

    a.   In terms of understanding the importance of trade to an economy, the most impor