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write an explanatory note on OTCEI.

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  • Q : Restriction of laissez-faire government

    A laissez-faire government is restricted to finding: (1) property rights within a simple fashion and to enforcing private contracts. (2) market prices which guarantee equitable resource allocations. (c) how resources will be allocated efficiently. (4)

  • Q : Theories of capital structure Write

    Write down the theories of capital structure?

  • Q : Speculators activities over the long-run

    Over the long-run the speculators activities are tend to: (1) decrease the volatility of prices. (2) attract legal attention and result in imprisonment. (3) increase the level and volatility of prices both. (4) yield tremendous profits and raise costs

  • Q : External costs and external benefits

    Explain the impact of external costs and external benefits on resource allocation

  • Q : Unpredictable and frequent fluctuations

    Adam Smith attributed unpredictable and frequent fluctuations within profits to: (i) variations in the prices of the goods a firm or person produces and sells. (ii) the bad or good fortune of rivals. (iii) the good or bad fortune of customers. (iv) tr

  • Q : Describe the Euro Describe the Euro?

    Describe the Euro?

  • Q : Illustrate Freedom of enterprise and

    Illustrate Freedom of enterprise and choice exist?

  • Q : Nation’s production possibilities curve

    Suppose that, based on a nation’s production possibilities curve, for 10,000 pizzas domestically an economy must sacrifice to get the one additional industrial robot it desires, but can get that robot from another country in exchange for 9,000 pizzas. To the fol

  • Q : Depreciation of the euro change the

    If the European euro declines in value (depreciates) in the foreign exchange market, would it be easier or harder for the French to sell their wine in the United States?  Suppose you were planning a trip to Paris.  How would the depreciation of the euro chan

  • Q : Describe the equation of a linear

    Describe the equation of a linear relationship?

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