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write an explanatory note on OTCEI.

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  • Q : Describe the duty of bondholders in a

    Describe the duty of bondholders in a bond?

  • Q : Importance of Earnings per share Write

    Write down the importance of Earnings per share?

  • Q : Perfectly competitive market and its

    Which of the given is not a characteristic of a perfectly competitive market structure: w) there are a very huge number of firms which are small compared to the market. x) All firms sell the same products. y) There are no restrictions to entry through

  • Q : Decentralized a virtue of capitalism

    The idea which a virtue of capitalism is decentralized its decision making emerged while: (1) social philosophers looked for alternatives to feudal kings like economic regulators. (2) Russian imperialism fostered anti-communist sentiment after World W

  • Q : Enterprise is dictated primarily by

    “The legal form an enterprise assumes is dictated primarily by the financial requirements of its particular line of production.”  Do you agree?

  • Q : National currencies of foreign exchange

    Elucidate various national currencies of foreign exchange market?

  • Q : When are transaction costs to ultimate

    Transaction costs to ultimate consumers are reduced if: (w) consumers travel long distances to buy directly from manufacturers quite than buying the goods at local retail stores. (x) intermediaries generate income while conveying goods from manufactur

  • Q : Recycling center Suppose you go to a

    Suppose you go to a recycling center and are paid 25 cents per pound for your aluminum cans.  However, the recycler charges you $.20 per bundle to accept your old newspapers.

  • Q : Describe what do you mean by European

    Describe what do you mean by European Union (EU)?

  • Q : What is the opportunity cost of

    What is the opportunity cost of attending college?  In 2000, nearly 80% of college-educated Americans held jobs, whereas only about 40% of those who did not finish high school held jobs.  How might this difference relate to opportunity costs?

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