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write an explanatory note on OTCEI.

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  • Q : Heterodox cost theory Is Eiteman &

    Is Eiteman & Guthrie’s empirical evidence on the shape of the average total cost curve consistent along with heterodox cost theory?  Discuss it out.

  • Q : Describe double coincidence of wants

    Double coincidence of wants: This means that one person's wishing to buy and sell should coincide with another person’s wish to buy and sell.

  • Q : Market efficiency while transaction

    Transaction costs tend to be decreased and markets are more efficient when: (w) the government subsidizes a good. (x) inter-market price differentials are eliminated through arbitrage. (y) taxes are used to give for social wants. (z) regulations close

  • Q : Theories of capital structure Write

    Write down the theories of capital structure?

  • Q : Allocating resources and distribute

    The market system tends to mainly beneficial allocating resources and distributes goods while: (1) the distributions of wealth and resource ownership are extensively perceived as equitable. (2) markets are extremely competitive. (3) goods are rival an

  • Q : Writ short note on the income of

    Writ short note on the income of functional distribution?

  • Q : Symptoms of governmental interference-

    Adam Smith and the “typical liberal” economists who followed within his footsteps viewed persistent monopolization and market power as: (1) ineffective and best regulated through government. (2) crucial in finding the rate of technological

  • Q : Problem on opportunity cost buying a

    After agonizing regarding whether to buy a hot dog or a hamburger along with his last dollar while he goes to the fair, Jeeter at last chooses the hot dog. The hamburger shows Jeeter's: (i) normative choice, because it would be more nutritious. (ii) opportunity cost o

  • Q : Comparative Advantage of free trade

    According to the advocates of free trade and World Trade Organization, each and every country potentially advantages from trade liberalization and the lowering of tariffs since each and every country: (1) Has a comparative benefit in something. (2) Ga

  • Q : Introduction of the term Cost of capital

    Give a brief introduction of the term Cost of capital?

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