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write an explanatory note on OTCEI.

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  • Q : Elucidate Reliance on technology and

    Elucidate Reliance on technology and capital goods of the market system?

  • Q : Factors of account since the Second

    For rapid growth of world trade what are the factors of account since the Second World War?

  • Q : Other things equal assumption helps

    Explain the statement: “The other things equal assumption helps isolate key economic relationships.”?

  • Q : Determine relative price when two

    When the prices for doughnuts and croissants are $.50 and $1 correspondingly: (w) the opportunity cost for one doughnut is two croissants. (x) this is better to buy two doughnuts than one croissant. (y) one croissant will make Pierre twice as happy as one doughnut. (z

  • Q : Resource markets in simple circular

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. In resource markets in a simple circular flow model, house-holds exchange their _________ for _________. (1) Resources | income. (2) Goods | profits. (3) Labor | goods. (4) Devotion | enlighte

  • Q : Describe Financial Leverage Briefly

    Briefly describe Financial Leverage? In what manner it is calculated? What does low or high financial leverage signify?

  • Q : Innate psychological attributes of

    As illustrated by Adam Smith that there are two innate psychological attributes of humans. One is which people have a powerful wish to better their individual circumstances. The other is as human beings so we are: (1) more interested

  • Q : Characteristic of an oligopolistic

    Which of the given is a quality of an oligopolistic market structure? w) There are only some dominant sellers. x) every firm sells a unique product. y) this is easy for new firms to enter the industry. z) Each firm require not react to the actions of

  • Q : What is the opportunity cost of your

    Suppose you arrive at a store expecting to pay $100 for an item, but learn that a store two miles away is charging $50 for it.  Would you drive there and buy it?  How does your decision benefit you?  What is the opportunity cost of your decision?  Now suppose you arrive at a s

  • Q : Explain determining the types of the

    Explain determining the types of the various products that will be produced?

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