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write an explanatory note on OTCEI.

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  • Q : Elucidate Participants in international

    Elucidate Participants in international trade of U.S. and World Trade?

  • Q : Determine relative price when two

    When the prices for doughnuts and croissants are $.50 and $1 correspondingly: (w) the opportunity cost for one doughnut is two croissants. (x) this is better to buy two doughnuts than one croissant. (y) one croissant will make Pierre twice as happy as one doughnut. (z

  • Q : Illustrate the complex cases when both

    Illustrate the complex cases when both supply and demand shift?

  • Q : Advantage and disadvantage of Sole

    Illustrate the advantage and disadvantage of Sole proprietorship?

  • Q : Explain about the successful speculation

    Successful speculation tends to: (1) generate inflationary pressure. (2) assist stabilize relative prices. (3) reduce the incomes of the eventual producers of goods. (4) make relative prices more volatile. (5) increase the risk born through the eventu

  • Q : Illustrate the 4th role is the

    Illustrate the 4th role is the reallocation of resources?

  • Q : Show that students who study more hours

    Suppose studies show that students who study more hours receive higher grades.  Is there any relationship which guarantees that any particular student who studies longer will get higher grades?

  • Q : Tax revenues to reduce rate of inflation

    Explain how government might manipulate its expenditures and tax revenues to reduce rate of inflation?

  • Q : Resource market for economic capital

    Janet has loaned a start-up coffee house $50,000 and predicts to earn interest from her financial investment. In circular flow model this transaction is an illustration of: (1) An exchange of her saving for interest, via a resource market for the economic capital. (2)

  • Q : How might government correct this

    What divergences arise between equilibrium and an efficient output spillover benefits are present?  How might government correct this divergence?

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