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write an explanatory note on OTCEI.

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  • Q : Government Pegged Currencies Question:


    If a government pegs the value of its currency to another currency, the government must stand ready to i. _________________________ the "hard" currency to defend the pegged value of its own currency. ii.

  • Q : The financial investor about bonds

    Describe three ways to finance corporate activity.  Make a case that stocks are more risky for the financial investor than are bonds?

  • Q : Explain the term Earnings per share

    Briefly explain the term Earnings per share (or EPS)?

  • Q : Rise in participation of women in the

    Which two of the six reasons listed in the Last Word do you think are the most important in explaining the rise in participation of women in the workplace? Explain your reasoning.

  • Q : Define the for whom query in market

    The market system responses the “for whom?” query with: (i) distributing goods on the basis of require. (ii) using central planning to coordinate production decisions. (iii) catering to consumers with adequate resources to demand goods. (i

  • Q : Problem regarding supplies-demands and

    The new supply and demand curves within University City are S0 and D0. But after the county commission imposed a $3 per six-pack excise tax upon beer: (1) demand fell to D1 from the perspectives of beer dealers. (2) co

  • Q : How will the system accommodate change

    How will the system accommodate change?

  • Q : Argument on quantity theory of money by

    David Hume, who said about money such as “Tis none of the wheels of operate. Tis the oil’,” exposed a main error within mercantilism through explaining what is currently considered to as the: (w) quantity theory of money. (x) price l

  • Q : Illustrate Rational Behaviour of

    Illustrate Rational Behaviour of Economic Perspective?

  • Q : Introduction of the term Risk factor

    Give a brief introduction of the term Risk factor?

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