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write an explanatory note on OTCEI.

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  • Q : Elucidate state expenditures and

    Elucidate state expenditures and receipts for all states in 1998?

  • Q : Production function for the game


    Can you describe what the production function for the game looks like? (How are labour, capital and resources combined? Are there constant, increasing or decreasing returns to scale?)


    Q : Rivalry for various types of resources

    Intermediaries ultimately prosper only when they give a service of decreasing: (1) demand for a good (2) prices paid to manufacturers of a good. (3) transaction costs. (4) rivalry for various types of resources. (5) cut-throat competition into markets

  • Q : Elucidate facilitating factors that

    Elucidate facilitating factors that explain the growth of trade?

  • Q : Reasons for change in expanded

    What are the reasons for change in expanded production possibilities with women?

  • Q : Explain a refutation of the doctrines

    Adam Smith wrote his Wealth of Nations within part like a refutation of the doctrines: (1) classical liberalism. (2) utilitarianism. (3) mercantilism. (4) physiocracy. (5) laissez faire capitalism.

  • Q : Perfect competition leads the economic

    The perfectly competitive market structure benefits consumers since: w) firms do not generate goods at the lowest possible price within the long run. x) firms are forced through competitive pressure to be as efficient as possible. y) firms add a much

  • Q : The economies of Japan and US Question:


    What can we learn from the Japanese experience? Is the US headed for a 'lost decade?


    There was

  • Q : Self-interest theory demonstration by

    The model of _____ was demonstrated by _____ along with the quote, “The loss of a small finger would remain the average European by sleeping which night, ... but, given he never observed them, he will snore with the most profound security over the loss of millio

  • Q : Determine the relative cost of a product

    If banana divides are $2, CD disks are $10, and SCUBA vacations are $360, then what is the relative cost of a SCUBA vacation in phrases of a CD disk: (i) 36 disks. (ii) 360 disks. (iii) 180 disks. (iv) 20 disks. (v) 3,600 disks.

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