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write an explanatory note on OTCEI.

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  • Q : Heterodox pricing process Compare the

    Compare the costing and pricing process of heterodox pricing process to the procedures utilized in neoclassical microeconomics to set prices.  In what ways are heterodox prices altered from neoclassical prices?

  • Q : Marginal rate of substitution Problem:


    Luke likes to consumer CDs (good1) and pizzas (good 2). His preference over both goods is given by the utility function

    U(x1; x2) = x21

  • Q : Economic crisis situation in Europe

    Question: Describe the present economic crisis situation in Europe.   Why has it been so difficult for the Europeans to find a solution to this problem?   Comment on what implications the crisis may have for the rest of the world i

  • Q : Explain about the successful speculation

    Successful speculation tends to: (1) generate inflationary pressure. (2) assist stabilize relative prices. (3) reduce the incomes of the eventual producers of goods. (4) make relative prices more volatile. (5) increase the risk born through the eventu

  • Q : Explain about the arbitrage except

    Not like speculation, there arbitrage is: (w) an activity which is generally more lucrative when conditions are favorable. (x) a profitable and relatively riskless activity. (y) the process of representing a domestic company within fo

  • Q : Explain a refutation of the doctrines

    Adam Smith wrote his Wealth of Nations within part like a refutation of the doctrines: (1) classical liberalism. (2) utilitarianism. (3) mercantilism. (4) physiocracy. (5) laissez faire capitalism.

  • Q : What is American made in today’s global

    Illustrates how hard it is to define what is “American made” in today’s global economy?

  • Q : Elucidate the various trade which

    Elucidate the various trade which enacted by governments?

  • Q : Individual sellers and buyers in

    Both individual sellers and buyers within perfect competition: w) can affect the market price through their own individual actions. x) can affect the market price by joining along with some of their competitors.  y) have to take the market price as a specified. z

  • Q : Elucidate Participants in international

    Elucidate Participants in international trade of U.S. and World Trade?

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