ECO-01 Business

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  • Q : Distinguish between allocative

    Distinguish between allocative efficiency and productive efficiency. Give an illustration of achieving productive, but not allocative, efficiency?

  • Q : Explain how women expanded production

    Explain how women expanded production possibilities?

  • Q : Understates the economic cost of a

    Computing the cost of college education like the cost of books, tuition and materials, room as well as board, and spending money: (i) overstates the economic cost of a college education. (ii) accurately measures the economic cost of a college educatio

  • Q : Who define economics as a subset of

    Economists who viewed economics like a subset of jurisprudence combined: (1) John Stuart Mill. (2) Alfred Marshall. (3) Karl Marx. (4) William Stanley Jevons. (5) Adam Smith.

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  • Q : Slope of a straight line is the ratio

    Explain the slope of a straight line is the ratio of the vertical change to horizontal change between any two points on the line?

  • Q : Next Generation Manufacturing Strategy

    This Assignment assesses the following module Learning Outcomes:

    1. Describe current production concepts and techniques in formulating a manufacturing strategy.

    2. Discuss the development and implementation of manufacturing strategies in the busi

  • Q : Market efficiency while transaction

    Transaction costs tend to be decreased and markets are more efficient when: (w) the government subsidizes a good. (x) inter-market price differentials are eliminated through arbitrage. (y) taxes are used to give for social wants. (z) regulations close

  • Q : Budget line and indifference curves


    Monica has been considering buying a mountain bike. Last month Monica had an income of $30,000. The bike's price was $1000, the composite good price was $1, and she decided not to buy the bike.  This month Monica was surprised t

  • Q : Market structure and pricing decision

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  • Q : Describe Quasi-public goods Describe

    Describe Quasi-public goods?