ECO-01 Business

write an explanatory note on OTCEI.

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  • Q : Illustrate Market Equilibrium of Supply

    Illustrate Market Equilibrium of Supply and Demand?

  • Q : Numbers of sellers in pure competition?

    numbers of sellers in pure competition?

  • Q : Price charges of firm in perfectly

    Assume that the equilibrium price within a perfectly competitive industry is $15 and a firm into the industry charges $21 there. Which of the given will occur: w) the firm's profits will rise. x) The firm's revenue will rise. y) The firm will not sell

  • Q : Raising consumer surplus problem For

    For the question below, utilize the given information. The market for gizmos is competitive, with an increasing sloping supply curve and a downward sloping demand curve. With no govt. intervention, the equilibrium price is $25 and the equilibrium quantity is 10,000 gi

  • Q : Advantages rising from division of

    Adam Smith known three advantages rising from divisions of labor which would lead to greater economic wealth that did not include the concept that the division of labor: (w) helps every worker refine specialized skill

  • Q : Describe Net income approach Briefly

    Briefly describe Net income approach? Named who recommended this theory?

  • Q : Describe the duty of bondholders in a

    Describe the duty of bondholders in a bond?

  • Q : Why Trade barriers hurt American

    Why Trade barriers hurt American consumers?

  • Q : Self-interest theory demonstration by

    The model of _____ was demonstrated by _____ along with the quote, “The loss of a small finger would remain the average European by sleeping which night, ... but, given he never observed them, he will snore with the most profound security over the loss of millio

  • Q : Organization of employees-Division of

    ‘Mama’ Jean consists of one employee bake crumbly, graham cracker crusts at Mama’s Home-Pies, whereas the other stirs gooey, hot, apple filling. Her staff is organized in accord with a/an: (1) Task management system. (2) Division of labor. (3) Compar