Differentiate Income and Wealth

One main difference between income and wealth is which: (w) wealth is inherited, income is earned. (x) income generates wealth, wealth cannot generate income. (y) all income is subject to taxation, most wealth is not. (z) wealth is a stock variable, income is a flow variable.

Can anybody suggest me the proper explanation for given problem regarding Economics generally?

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  • Q : Infinite price elasticity of supply The

    The price elasticity of supply in given grph is infinite therefore supply is perfectly price elastic within: (w) Panel A. (x) Panel B. (y) Panel C. (z) Panel D.

    Q : Price ceilings causes shortages of a

    When price ceilings cause shortages of a good in that case the good tends to be: (1) replaced by substitutes by many consumers. (2) allocated by several non price mechanism. (3) more valuable to consumers than the money prices charged

  • Q : Saving and the Supply by Interest Rate

    When the preference for current consumption over future consumption strengthens, in that case the: (w) interest rate rises. (x) interest rate falls. (y) present value of future income rises. (z) interest rate remains the same.


  • Q : Another name of micro economics What is

    What is another name of micro economics?

    Answer: Price theory

  • Q : Operations of constant cost industries

    Purely competitive industries operating under circumstances of constant cost have long-run supply curves which are: (w) horizontal. (x) upward sloping. (y) downward sloping. (z) equal to LRATC for every firm.

    Can a

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    I have a problem in economics on Supply of curve in the short run. Please help me in the following question. The supply curve of milk would shift in the short-run in response to the modification in: (i) Price of the milk. (ii) Demand for the milk. (iii) Numbers and si

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    A higher value for Gini index tends to be related with: (w) decreases in the equality of the distribution of income or wealth. (x) decreases in the population’s total amount of income or wealth  (y) reduced overall curvature of the Lorenz c

  • Q : Normal accounting returns to investment

    Pure economic profits do not arise due to: (w) monopoly power. (x) capital owners’ receipts of normal accounting returns to investment. (y) risk and uncertainty. (z) entrepreneurial innovation.

    How can I solv

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    I have a problem in economics on Problem on Current labor union issues. Please help me in the following question. The current labor union issues would comprise: (i) Public sentiment favoring the legislative control of strike powers. (ii) Reduction of

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    Below the poverty line the proportion of the U.S. population is: (w) rises with upturns of the business cycle. (x) has declined, though somewhat erratically, over the past 50 years. (y) has been virtually eliminated by a vigorous “War on Poverty

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