Determine equality of marginal revenue

Marginal revenue equals the change within total: (w) profit as output expands slightly. (x) output from hiring an additional worker. (y) revenue from selling an extra unit of output. (z) tax rates while tax revenue increases a bit.

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  • Q : Lacking of competition-product market

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options? The lack of competition in the product market outcomes in: (p) Less labor being appointed than if the markets were competitive. (q) More labor being hired than if the markets were competitive.

  • Q : Determine price when quantity demand

    If the demand for a good is price elastic, in that case the percentage change in quantity demanded into response to a specified change within price is: (1) greater than the percentage change in price. (2) positively related to the cha

  • Q : Income elasticity of demand when

    When average income rises from $18,000 to $22,000 yearly and yearly gasoline consumption per household increases from 1000 to 1500 gallons, in that case the income elasticity of demand for gas is: (1) in the inferior range. (2) 0.5. (

  • Q : Rental check of pure economic rent The

    The part of your monthly rental check which shows pure economic rent is that that pays only for the use of the landlord's: (w) land. (x) capital. (y) labor. (z) entrepreneurial skills.

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  • Q : Curing scarcities of good Curing

    Curing scarcities in the market for ice cream needs: (i) Rises in the price of ice cream. (ii) Reduces in the supply of ice cream. (iii) Rises in the demand for ice cream. (iv) Reduction in the price of ice cream. (v) Burden of a price floor.

  • Q : Financial investments-traceable by most

    Most of the U.S. capital investment is traceable to the financial investments by households, that is one way that private individuals: (i) Turn into capitalists. (ii) Save. (iii) Evade taxes. (iv) Avoid the circular flow of resources and income.

    Q : Prices and sales of normal goods The

    The growth of per capita national income would most likely rise the: (i) Prices of lard and employed tires. (ii) Federal budget deficit. (iii) Prices and sales of the luxury cars. (iv) Supply of untrained labor.


  • Q : Duopoly for two sellers What is that

    What is that market termed in which there are just two sellers (or firms)?

    Answer: Duopoly terms to a market condition in which there are only two sellers.

  • Q : Pure economic profit in the short run

    Monopolistically competitive firms: (w) profit by erecting durable barriers to entry and exit. (x) may realize pure economic profit in the short run, but not in the long run. (y) supply homogenous goods. (z) produce where marginal cost is at its minim

  • Q : Short-run supply curve of a competitive

    At any point on short-run supply curve of a competitive industry, every firm produces at the similar: (w) rate of technological equilibrium. (x) average cost. (y) marginal cost. (z) positive level of economic profit.

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