Determine demand when equilibrium prices given

Car prices and sales such that the costs per mile of auto passenger travel, and whole passenger miles driven have all rose from the 1940 year, demonstrating that: (w) auto travel is an inferior good. (x) the demand for auto travel is positively sloped. (y) the law of demand doesn’t apply to transportation. (z) the demand for auto travel has grown.

Can anybody suggest me the proper explanation for given problem regarding Economics generally?

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    I have a problem in economics on Wise and efficient use of grocery in Consumer Surplus. Please help me in the following question. The consumer surplus is most probable to be raised by: (i) Wise and proficient use of grocery store coupons. (ii) Rises in the production

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    The theorist who set the stage for much of the “new” theory of international trade through blending theories of monopoly and competition to suit the case of several sellers offering differentiated products was: (1) Leon Walras. (2) Vilfred

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    Define deficient demand or deflationary gap: Deficient demand occur whenever AD is less than AS at the level of full employment equilibrium

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    For most families inside the United States, there the income elasticity of demand appears to be lowest, upon average, while looking the demand for: (1) better government. (2) environmental quality. (3) education. (4) children. (5) vac

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    ‘State the economic arguments on whether big cities which have congested roads must charge a road tax?’

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    Select the right ans wer of the question.Nonrivalry and nonexcludability are the main characteristics of: A) capital goods. B) private goods. C) public goods. D) consumption goods.

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    Economics students are most probable to recall conceptually the different determinants of the amounts of a good which people will purchase when they contemplate how: (1) much they will expend and how much they will save out of their first few paycheck

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    By refering the following data give the answer of this question . The total variable cost of producing 5 units is: A) $61. B) $48.  C) $37. D) $24.


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    The profit-maximizing firm which is perfectly competitive in resource market however that consists of market power in output market will hire labor at the point where: (1) VMP=MRP=MFC>w. (2) VMP>MRP=MFC=w. (3) VMP = MRP = MFC = w. (4) VMP>MRP

  • Q : Marginal revenue in selling extra unit

    The price a firm acquires from selling an extra unit of output, minus any revenue lost when price should be reduced in all other units sold, equals: (1) average revenue. (2) marginal profit. (3) mark-up price. (4) marginal revenue. (5) total revenue.<

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