Define pay per click

What do you understand by the word 'pay per click'? Name internet marketing model does it follow?




Pay per click ’, also named as ‘cost per click’ is a type of internet advertising that is employed for directing traffic to websites. In this advertisers pay the site publishers or owners for the ads being click or viewed. Pay per click introduces an easy policy of marketing in that an advertiser pays the website for publishing his advertisement and getting people to view it through clicking it, the more the views are for the advertisement, good is the revenue produced through the website from advertisement. Usually ‘pay per click’ is employed through advertisers on keyword idioms relevant to their target markets. Content sites usually charge a rigid amount per click rather than employing a bidding system. ‘Pay per click’ advertisements are usually displayed on websites and search engine results. ‘Pay per click’ is an approach that be different from the ‘pay per impression’ techniques employed in television and newspaper advertising.

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