company name: EMPIRE OIL & GAS NL

The length of the writing / reportmust not exceed 1000 words. Words in Bibliography or Reference Lists section are not included in the word count. 3 marks will be given for the contents (sources and understanding of industry and able to link audit objectives with findings); 1 mark will be given based on the Turnitin’s Similarity Index generated by your submission which can be calculated by 100% – Similarity Index and 1 mark will be given for correct referencing (Harvard or APA) and clear paragraph structure (topic sentences in paragraphs and show coherence with careful proofreading) The information required to work on this assignment includes company’s annual report (directors’ report and financial report) and any media releases related to the company. There are Excel files on financial statement line data (historical) for all ASX listed companies provided for your needs (optional) in performing the analytical procedures. Please note that this is an individual assignment and there is no tolerance for collaborations between students in completing this assignment. Assignment suspected of committing plagiarism will be penalised in the marks given.

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