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  • Q : Succeed and surviving of a cartels A

    A cartel is more likely to succeed and survive when: (w) members respond to incentives to cheat. (x) fringe producers are not members. (y) total market demand is less elastic. (z) close substitute goods are simply developed.

    Q : Formulate the Cross Elasticity of demand

    Formulate the Cross Elasticity of demand?

  • Q : Government license in operating

    Gilligan is hiring new workers to help run his Island Getaway resort. Gilligan makes a decision that he will not hire a new worker unless they have been properly trained and certified into wilderness survival and have a license by the government to operate watercraft.

  • Q : Introduction of the term Marginal

    Provide a brief introduction of the term Marginal Costing? And also write down the essential suppositions made by Marginal Costing?

  • Q : States the Scarcity Definition in

    States the Scarcity Definition in economics?

  • Q : Illustrates terms total cost

    Illustrates the terms total cost, average cost and also marginal cost?

  • Q : Equilibrium in purely competitive

    As the labor market within a purely competitive economy is into equilibrium: (1) the marginal benefits by unemployment exceed unemployment compensation. (2) the marginal benefits and marginal costs from employment are equal. (3) econo

  • Q : Limitation for using illustrations of

    Illustrations of economic capital would NOT contain: (i) an accountant's computer. (ii) 1,000 shares of stock within Google. (iii) a sixteen-pound sledgehammer. (iv) tires upon an eighteen-wheeler truck. (v) paper into the printer of a romance novelis

  • Q : Objectives ans uses Help to achive the

    Help to achive the other objectives of the firm like industry leadership,expansion implementation of policies

  • Q : State the assumptions of Law of Demand

    State the assumptions of Law of Demand?

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