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  • Q : Where managerial economics treat as a

    Where managerial economics treat as a tool?

    Answer: Managerial economics is like a tool for decision making and forward planning.

  • Q : Decline in equilibrium marginal revenue

    Declines within the equilibrium marginal revenue product of a firm’s workers are probably to follow the adjustments to: (1) increases in specific training. (2) decreases in the wage rate. (3) increases in the demand for output. (4) hikes in the

  • Q : Coupon Electrical utility is offering a

    Electrical utility is offering a security, known as zero coupon bond for sale. The terms of the security are investors pay 2337.57 today to purchase the security and the utility will pay the owner of the security 10000 in ten years time. The government is offering a similar security; except that thi

  • Q : Process of Screening A principal who

    A principal who checks the qualifications of a potential agent before giving the agent a contract is engaging within the process of: (i) signaling. (ii) determining an efficiency wage. (iii) predatory behavior. (iv) screening. (v) discrimination.

    Q : Market equlibrium challenges of

    challenges of Equilibrium picing in devloping countries

  • Q : Value of the Average Product Hulk is a

    Hulk is a fitness counselor who coaches five clients at a time during exercise groups at Beefcake Body Builders. Hulk’s hourly wage is of $17, and Beefcake charges his clients $20 for every hour-long conditioning session. Therefore average value of produ

  • Q : Features of Marginal costing Write down

    Write down the features of Marginal costing?

  • Q : Aggregate Supply of Labor Labor

    Labor supplies for the economy as an entire are LEAST determined through: (w) labor unions. (x) wage rates and structures of wages. (y) education and training of the work force. (z) labor force participation rates.

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  • Q : Policy of Avoiding Legal Liability The

    The expected losses to workers through shirking are increased while a firm adopts a policy of: (w) dividing productive tasks thus the division of labor is optimal. (x) paying efficiency wages which exceed market-clearing wages. (y) avoiding legal liability by not writ

  • Q : Which term not used to calculate

    The entire given can be used to calculate average profit except: w) marginal profit minus marginal cost. x) total profit divided by quantity. y) average revenue minus average total cost. z) price minus average total cost.

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