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  • Q : Advantages and Disadvantage of Naïve

    What are the advantages and disadvantage of naive method?

  • Q : What did professor Hidbon illustrates

    What did professor Hidbon illustrates about Demand?

  • Q : States the Extension and Contraction of

    States the Extension and Contraction of Demand.

  • Q : Phases of business cycle explain the

    explain the different phases of business cycle

  • Q : Supply of certain types of labor The

    The supply of certain types of labor is determined through the: (w) skills of potential workers. (x) the availability of other workers. (y) the prices of output. (z) production technology.

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  • Q : Charging similar price by pure

    When all firms in an industry charge similar price for their product, it: (w) proves the existence of a cartel. (x) proves the existence of price leadership. (y) indicates an oligopoly. (z) may be consistent along with either pure competition or oligo

  • Q : Decide to produce or to shut down in

    When, for a specified output level, an absolute or perfectly competitive firm's price is less in that case its average variable cost, so the firm: w) is earning a profit. x) must shut down. y) must increase output. z) must increase price.

    Q : Most elastic to least elastic ranking

    For most kinds of labor, the most accurate ranking of labor supplies through most elastic to least elastic is most likely: (1) firm, small industry, occupation. (2) economy, individual, occupation. (3) firm, economy, occupation. (4) individual worker,

  • Q : Problem of adverse selection Signaling

    Signaling may worsen the problem of adverse selection when: (w) potential agents do not transmit any types of signals. (x) job applicants increasingly signal with phony degrees. (y) employers discriminate on the basis of race or gender. (z) severe rec

  • Q : Explain the term relatively inelastic

    Explain the term relatively inelastic demand.