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  • Q : Accumulation of certificates of

    A potential employee’s accumulation of certificates and degrees to stimulate interest through a potential employer is termed by economists as: (1) specific training. (2) signaling. (3) general training. (4) screening. (5) ticket-punching.


  • Q : Model of purely competitive resource

    The model of purely competitive resource markets describes how: (1) U.S. income distribution patterns are determined. (2) wages are determined in the United States. (3) resource prices would be determined in efficient markets. (4) competition leads to

  • Q : Explain about the signaling Signaling :

    Signaling: (w) attempts to finesse adverse selection. (x) involves behavior by agents to communicate special qualifications which will elicit the offer of a contract from a principal. (y) refers to potential employees obtaining skills, education or ex

  • Q : Succeed and surviving of a cartels A

    A cartel is more likely to succeed and survive when: (w) members respond to incentives to cheat. (x) fringe producers are not members. (y) total market demand is less elastic. (z) close substitute goods are simply developed.

    Q : Labor demand increases and supply

    Wages tend to increase while labor demand: (w) and supply both decrease. (x) decreases and supply increases. (y) and supply both raise. (z) increases and supply decreases.

    Please choose the right answer from above.

  • Q : General Training in Human Capital The

    The knowledge regarding local shrubs and trees which Morgan learns whereas working as an apprentice landscaper into the suburbs of a huge city is an illustration of the benefits from: (1) dirty work. (2) general training. (3) dues-paying. (4) high-skilled employment.

  • Q : Aggregate Supplies of Labor Into the

    Into the short run, the labor supply in an economy based least on: (1) population size and labor force participation rate. (2) individuals’ preferences between leisure and income from work. (3) the demand for labor. (4) rates and structures of w

  • Q : Substitution Effect within Supply of

    When wage rates rise above $25 per hour in this figure given below, in that case the: (1) worker works more diligently to ensure that she keeps her job. (2) employer pays an excessively high efficiency wage. (3) income effect exceeds the substitution

  • Q : Costs and revenue verses Quality

    Refer to figure as in above. What occurs when the firm produces more than Q4 units: w) Its profit raises. x) this makes a loss. y) Its total revenue is increasing quicker than its whole cost. z) this could make a profit or a loss depending upon what occurs

  • Q : Functions and responsibilities of

    States the functions and responsibilities of managerial economist?

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