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  • Q : Substitution effect of wage rate The

    The substitution effect of a small change within the wage rate dominates the income effect for that worker at each wage rate: (w) exceeding $5 per hour. (x) between $5 per hour and $24.99 per hour. (y) exceeding $25.01 per hour. (z) b

  • Q : Phases of business cycle explain the

    explain the different phases of business cycle

  • Q : Illustrates marginal cost pricing and

    Illustrates the marginal cost pricing and differential pricing?

  • Q : Occurrence of Occupational Crowding An

    An illustration of occupational crowding occurs while: (1) Morgan, Blake and Jackie share one small office and a fax machine at an investment firm. (2) Juanita, Rosa, and Maria find work only as hotel maids since, as Hispanic women, they are stereotyp

  • Q : Decide to produce or to shut down in

    When, for a specified output level, an absolute or perfectly competitive firm's price is less in that case its average variable cost, so the firm: w) is earning a profit. x) must shut down. y) must increase output. z) must increase price.

    Q : Value of the marginal product of labor

    Profit-maximizing firms which operate in competitive resource and output markets adjust labor inputs till the wage rate equals the: (1) average revenue from output. (2) output price equals average variable cost. (3) marginal utility o

  • Q : Explain the target pricing briefly

    Explain the target pricing briefly.

  • Q : Equal pay for equal work rule Rigid

    Rigid enforcement of “equal-pay-for-equal-work” law would: (w) raise the wage of minority workers who had been discriminated against. (x) lower the wages of “favored” non minority workers who had received higher wages before. (

  • Q : Cost concept of business operation and

    Categories the cost concept of business operation and decision making?

  • Q : Learning-by-doing Firms may make use of

    Firms may make use of low prices to enter a market and gain market share therefore is can learn the intricacies of a particular product line or business. It is an illustration of: (1) limit pricing. (2) accommodation. (3) learning-by-

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