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  • Q : Attributable worth cultivating The

    The theory which the economic rent on agricultural land depends upon how much extra production is gained relative to the production which could be realized on land not rather worth cultivating is attributable to: (1) Johann H. von Thünen. (2) Ada

  • Q : Shifting of market for productivity

    When the U.S. soybean market is primarily in equilibrium on S0D0, and in that case a new fertilizer raises farm productivity and concurrently, foreigners are permitted greater access to U.S. soybean, there the market shifts to: (

  • Q : Illustrates the term Elasticity

    Illustrates the term Elasticity?

  • Q : Illustrate Screening by Asymmetric

    Insistence by a potential employer which job applicants submit a résumé is an illustration of: (1) networking. (2) screening. (3) signaling. (4) bragging. (5) qualifying.

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  • Q : Additional unit in increasing real wage

    When the real wage raises, in that case an additional unit of: (w) labor supplied will buy fewer goods. (x) leisure is more expensive. (y) output need more labor time. (z) capital becomes more highly utilized.


  • Q : Succeed and surviving of a cartels A

    A cartel is more likely to succeed and survive when: (w) members respond to incentives to cheat. (x) fringe producers are not members. (y) total market demand is less elastic. (z) close substitute goods are simply developed.

    Q : Illustration of specific training The

    The knowledge gained while an Apple employee learns a specialized technique on an iPod assembly line is an illustration of: (w) comparative technological advantage. (x) specific training. (y) on-the-job leveraging. (z) general training.

    Q : Most wage elastic demand for labor For

    For labor Plastibristle’s demand is most wage elastic at: (1) point a. (2) point b. (3) point c. (4) point d.

    Q : Forecasting demand what are the

    what are the criteria for good forecasting

  • Q : Raise in supply and demand and

    When the supply and demand for a good both raise there will be rising within the: (1) market price. (2) equilibrium quantity. (3) quality of the good. (4) profits of a monopoly firm. (5) level of consumer satisfaction.

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