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  • Q : Pros and cons of commercial paper

    Describe pros and cons of commercial paper associated to bank loans for a company seeking short-term financing?
    Usually commercial paper is a cheaper source of short-term financing for a firm, compared to bank loans. Also, a larger amount of fu

  • Q : What is an Element Element : It is a

    Element: It is a subdivision of a budgetary program and the second stage of the program structure in the Uniform Codes Manual.

  • Q : What is Reverted Appropriation Reverted

    Reverted Appropriation: An appropriation which is reverted to its fund source after the date its liquidation period has terminated.

  • Q : Effect of bank charges discount

    What happens while a bank charges discount interest on a loan?
    While a bank charges discount interest on a loan the required interest payment is subtracted through the loan proceeds at the time the loan is made. It makes the effective interest

  • Q : Investors prospects of growth Why might

    Why might investors overestimate the prospects of growth companies and underestimate value companies?

  • Q : How does preemptive right secure

    How does a preemptive right secure the interests of present stockholders?
    A preemptive right secure the interests of existing stockholders through giving them the chance to preempt other investors into the purchase of new shares. If these right

  • Q : Why is replacement value of assets

    Why is the replacement value of assets method not used generally to value complete businesses?
    The replacement value of assets method is not frequently applied to complete business valuations since it is frequently very hard to locate similar ass

  • Q : What is Continuing Appropriation

    Continuing Appropriation: This is an appropriation for the set amount which is obtainable for more than 1-year.

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