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  • Q : Why do financial managers compute the

    Why do financial managers compute the marginal tax rate?
    Financial managers utilize marginal tax rates to estimate the future after tax cash flows from investments.  Because they are interested in how much of the next dollar earned through n

  • Q : Why coefficient of variation is better

    Why is the coefficient of variation frequently a better risk measure while comparing different projects than the standard deviation?
    Whenever we desire to compare the risk of investments which have different means, we employ the coefficient of va

  • Q : What is an Initiative Initiative : The

    Initiative: The power of electors to propose statutes or Constitutional amendments and to accept or reject them. An initiative should be limited to a single subject and be filed with the Secretary of State with the suitable number of voter signatures

  • Q : What is Detail of Appropriations and

    Detail of Appropriations and Adjustments: A budget display, for each association, that replicates appropriations and adjustments by fund source for each of the character of expenditure, (that is, State Operations, Local Assistance, and Capital Outlay)

  • Q : Influence of mergers on fees assessed

    What influence have mergers had on fees assessed for retail bank services?

    The effect is not clear. Market conditions and the level of competition often determine the cost for retail bank services.

  • Q : Describe value investing Value

    Value investing is an investment strategy which involves buying securities whose shares appear underpriced by some form(s) of fundamental analysis, like stocks with low Price to Earning or Price to Book value. This strategy basically is of buying stoc

  • Q : Define Fiscal Impact Analysis Fiscal

    Fiscal Impact Analysis: Usually refers to a section of an analysis (example, bill analysis) which recognizes the costs and revenue impact of a proposal and, to the level possible, a particular numeric estimate for appropriate fiscal years.

  • Q : Why do analysts compute financial ratios

    Why do analysts compute financial ratios?
    Ratios are comparative measures.  Since the ratio illustrates relative value, they let financial analysts to compare information which could not be compared in its raw form.  For instance, rati

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