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  • Q : Payments for Resources Incorrect

    Incorrect statements would contain the assertion which payments for: (a) The use of land is termed as land rent. (b) Labor is termed as wages. (c) Services are termed as profits. (d) Capital is termed as interest.

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  • Q : Economic Capital and Per Capita Income

    Assume that half of our world’s people, arbitrarily selected, were vaporized by space aliens or teleported to the parallel universe, however no other feature of life on our Earth was influenced. Avoiding any disruptions to families or psychological trauma this c

  • Q : Savings as big investment The Economic

    The Economic growth in a proficient economy will tend to increase when: (1) Capital quickly depreciates and becomes obsolete. (2) Threats of war divert resources to the national defense. (3) People’s savings increase to permit bigger investment. (4) Funds for re

  • Q : Unregulated market competition in

    Adam Smith’s well-known reference to an “invisible hand” implies that: (w) unregulated market competition improves economic welfare. (x) government must closely regulate monopolies. (y) pure competition is a divinely motivated market

  • Q : Consumption and investment The

    The economy's present production possibilities frontier is not restricted by the: (1) Quantity and quality of labor force. (2) Amount of capital stock currently accessible. (3) Quantity and quality of the natural resources (that is, land). (4) Current

  • Q : Wealthy entrepreneurs by perfectly

    Do you agree along with the adage such that "You cannot find rich working for somebody else"? Should successful entrepreneurs serve others to enrich themselves? Can wage earners acquire great wealth without investing? How may you test the accuracy of your answ

  • Q : Condition to being a free good Which of

    Which of the given probably comes closest to make a free good: (1) Unexpected warmth through the sun within Chicago in January. (2) A hot school lunch given for a needy student. (3) A microwave pizza bought along with food stamps. (4) Income earned th

  • Q : Example of Relative Price Suppose a

    Suppose a deluxe hamburger is $5, an Oreo blizzard is $3, and a soda is $1. Then the relative price of the hamburger is: (a) 1.6 blizzards. (b) four sodas and half of a blizzard. (c) two blizzards. (d) a blizzard and one soda.

    Q : Comparative Systems- Central planning

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the following options. The command economy is mainly based on: (i) Laissez faire govt. policies and private property rights. (ii) ‘kolkhoz’ decision making. (iii) Well tuning production to match the

  • Q : Problem on economic system of a country

    The economic system of a country is generally categorized according to: (1) Who makes decisions and who owns that resources. (2) Whether it is totalitarian or democratic. (3) Its per capita GDP and its currency value in the Euros or U.S. dollars. (4)

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