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   Related Questions in Public Economics

  • Q : Dealing of technical efficiency in

    Technical efficiency deals along with problems of: (w) Maximizing the value of production. (x) Curing inequity. (y) Concentrating wealth more totally. (z) Redistribution from rich to poor.

    Can anybody suggest me the proper explanat

  • Q : What would be contained in fundamental

    Fundamental economic questions consist of: (w) what, for whom and how. (x) where, how and when. (y) when, how and what. (z) how many, how much and what color,.

    Hey friends please give your opinion for the problem o

  • Q : Problem of macroeconomics in economics

    Can anybody advise me the proper explanation for given problem regarding macroeconomics in Economics generally.

    In macroeconomics, where we examine all things like the: (w) problems of What, How, and For Whom. (x)

  • Q : Limitation of resource category of

    I need a good answer on the topic of Economic problems. Please give me your suggestion that the economists’ resource category of “land” would not contain: (1) coal, petroleum, and other minerals. (2) the fish and water within the oce

  • Q : With whom is Economists LEAST concerned

    Economists are LEAST related along with the: (w) gains and losses from changes in government policies. (x) adjustments people make when tax structures change. (y) causes of inflation and unemployment. (z) ethics of political campaigning.

  • Q : Market adjustments within equilibrium

    When the soybean market is originally into equilibrium, on S0D0, raises in the wages of farm workers will cause change(s) to: (w) S1D0.(x) S0D1. (y) S2D2.  (z

  • Q : Example of Normative Economic Goals

    Please help me to solve the problem of Normative Economic Goals that is given below:

    Almost everybody in the world would favor a normative economic aim that people all over must have: (i) high standards of living.

  • Q : Majority worse off and minority better

    When an economic change makes a huge majority of the population worse off and a minute minority better off, the alteration is: (w) good for society because it made some people better off. (x) bad for society since only a few people ar

  • Q : Administrative estimations of peoples

    The requirement criterion of distribution usually entails: (1) Greater production incentives than the other systems. (2) Much difficult administrative estimations of people's requirements. (3) Generation of extreme pollution. (4) Dividing national inc

  • Q : Illustration of Economic Equilibrium

    After drivers shift among traffic lanes to exit by a crowded airport till this seems reasonable to expect all exit lines to be similarly time-consuming, economists exemplify the result like an illustration of economic: (i) Equilibrium. (ii) Balance. (iii) Tradeoffs. (