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  • Q : What would illustrations of economic

    I need your answer on the topic of Economic problems. Please give me your suggestion that illustrations of economic capital would contain a: (1) Garbage truck. (2) $10,000 ten-year United States Treasury bond. (3) College diploma. (4) Deeded right to

  • Q : Wealth of nation according to Adam Smith

    Adam Smith asserted that a wealth of nation is not gold, although is as an alternative the: (w) wisdom of its government. (x) goods and resources its people control. (y) new physical territory this conquers. (z) military power this co

  • Q : Primarily dealing of positive economic

    Please help me to solve the problem of Positive Economics which is specified above.

    Positive economic statements deal primarily along with: (w) the way things should be. (x) Technically testable ec

  • Q : Problem on Private ownership of property

    I have a problem in economics on Private ownership of property. Please help me in the following question. The hallmarks of ‘pure’ capitalism are illustrated by the: (1) Absence of productive and allocative efficiency. (2) Interaction of th

  • Q : Explain the problem of Macroeconomics

    Hello guys please suggest your answer for the given problem:

    A problem which MOST involves a macroeconomic problem is the result of a: (w) drought on the price of corn. (x) tax reform on the incomes of financial planners. (y) steel

  • Q : Determination of opportunity cost of

    The opportunity cost of any type of decision is measured through the: (w) market price of career and education opportunities. (x) value of the worst optional choice sacrificed. (y) market price of the resources used in production. (z) value of the best optional choice

  • Q : Determine the supply of clothing when

    A pair of possible descriptions for simultaneous transfers of the demand for clothing from D0 to D1 while the supply of clothing transferred from S0 to S1 could be which: (1) unexpectedly cold and frequent blizzards caused M

  • Q : Who thought Murderers do more harm than

    Murderers do more harm than shoplifters; therefore they must be punished proportionally more harshly as per the school of thought developed through: (i) medieval scholar Thomas Aquinas. (ii) Chinese leader Mao Zedong. (iii) lawyer and social reformer Jeremy Bentham. (

  • Q : When is a good taken as scarce Can

    Can anybody suggest me the proper explanation for given problem regarding scarcity in economics generally?

    A good is taken as scarce when people: (w) lack the funds required to make sure their survival. (x) require

  • Q : Illustration regarding to market

    When the soybean market begins within equilibrium upon S0D0 and in that case a highly publicized study demonstrates yoghurt to be much more nutritious than the tofu made by soybeans, the market changes to: (w) S0D2. (x) S

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