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  • Q : Moral dimensions of social decisions in

    Positive economics is LEAST related with the: (w) allocation of economic resources. (x) conflict of obtainable resources and societal needs. (y) mechanisms by that resources are used to satisfy societal requirements. (z) moral dimensions of social dec

  • Q : Explain about excellent economic

    Good economic theories are tends to be: (w) detailed pictures of real-world economic behavior. (x) based upon value judgments. (y) logical and simple explanations of real world behavior. (z) intended at maximizing capitalists' profits.

    Q : Entry-exit of competitive firms in long

    When a typical firm in a perfectly competitive industry is earning profits, in that case: w) all firms will carry on earning profits. x) new firms will enter into the long run causing market supply to reduce, market price to rise and

  • Q : Characteristics of Private property and

    I have a problem in economics on the Characteristics of Private property and laissez faire policies. Please help me in the following question. Private property and laissez faire policies are characteristics of: (1) Fascism. (2) Socialism. (3) Monarchy

  • Q : Explain about market buyers A buyers’

    A buyers’ market is a market in that: (w) queuing to secure goods is common. (x) the current market price is below equilibrium. (y) demand exceeds supply. (z) several sellers experience surpluses.

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  • Q : Explain the problem of Self Interest in

    As per the view of humans as Homo economics, individuals: (w) can simply achieve states of whole satisfaction. (x) must learn to get by along with what they have. (y) want to maximize personal satisfaction by self-interested behavior. (z) have fewer requirements as th

  • Q : Uses of Normative Economics over

    Can anybody propose the proper explanation for specified problem regarding Normative Economics.

    Positive economic analysis might NOT be used to test the idea which higher cigarette taxes would reas

  • Q : Explain about the normative economics

    Please suggest me how to solve the problem of normative economics that is given below:

    Normative economics is: (w) a description of how the economy works. (x) based upon empirical studies. (y) concerned along with

  • Q : Idealized version of pure capitalism

    Beneath an idealized version of the pure capitalism, governments would be least probable to offer: (1) Judicial systems to defend private property rights. (2) National defense. (3) Standardized forms of money. (4) Court systems to implement contracts.

  • Q : Which principle is simplest workable

    The principle which the simplest workable theory is also the fine is termed as: (i) positive analytics. (ii) minimalism. (iii) Occam's razor. (iv) simple-mindedness. (v) hypothesis testing.

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