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  • Q : Achieving economic welfare For any

    For any given point on the production possibilities (or PPF) curve: (i) More economic welfare is achieved than from any points within the PPF. (ii) Moving to some other output combination should yield enhanced economic welfare. (iii) More of some good can be generated

  • Q : Least stable probability of market

    Market prices are probable to be the least stable where: (1) production technology is dormant for lengthy periods. (2) number of consumption substitutes is large. (3) variables finding demand and supply change often. (4) demand and supply curves both

  • Q : Example of Normative Economic Goals

    Please help me to solve the problem of Normative Economic Goals that is given below:

    Almost everybody in the world would favor a normative economic aim that people all over must have: (i) high standards of living.

  • Q : Weather ruins crop-equilibrium

    When the soybean market is firstly in equilibrium on S0D0 and in that case severe weather ruins much of the crop, then the market moves to: (1) S1D0. (2) S1D2. (3) S2D0<

  • Q : Explain economic concept of scarcity in

    Can someone explain/help me with best solution about problem of economic concept of scarcity...

    By which economic concept of scarcity is explained in a simple fashion:

    (w) Our natural resources are running out.

    (x) Particular goods (vintage wines and rare

  • Q : Characteristics of Private property and

    I have a problem in economics on the Characteristics of Private property and laissez faire policies. Please help me in the following question. Private property and laissez faire policies are characteristics of: (1) Fascism. (2) Socialism. (3) Monarchy

  • Q : Better off and worse off condition in

    When an economic change makes ten percent of the population better off and has no consequence on the economic welfare of the other ninety percent, in that case: (w) the community is better off. (x) the community is worse off. (y) community economic welfare does not ch

  • Q : Socialism-ownership of non-human

    Can someone please help me in finding out the right answer from the following question. A faith that most of the nonhuman resources must be owned, not by the private individuals, however instead ‘by everyone’ in common, with the govt. as t

  • Q : Explain the problem of Self Interest in

    As per the view of humans as Homo economics, individuals: (w) can simply achieve states of whole satisfaction. (x) must learn to get by along with what they have. (y) want to maximize personal satisfaction by self-interested behavior. (z) have fewer requirements as th

  • Q : Explain about the Economic Model

    Economic models are most generally based upon: (i) specification of all interdependencies among all relevant economic variables. (ii) “other things equal” assumptions. (iii) equations which specify how to maximize financial profits. (iv) a

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