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  • Q : Economic assumption of rationality in

    As per to the economic assumption of rationality: (w) entrepreneurs are usually more rational than employees. (x) consumers often perform in random or erratic ways. (y) people tend to behave in accord along with their goals. (z) people who are rationa

  • Q : Efficiently distribution of goods If

    If goods are efficiently distributed in between households, then all family is: (w) sure to lose when any income redistribution arises. (x) treated equitably. (y) and also off as possible without making any other family worse off. (z) able of gaining by a better distr

  • Q : Prohibition in illustrations of

    Illustrations of normative statements would not comprise assertions which: (1) premeditated murderers deserve the death penalty. (2) Leonardo DiCaprio is a terrible actor. (3) AIDS and HIV are transmitted through sexual contact. (4) women must be paid

  • Q : Explains economic problem posed for

    The chorus of a Rolling Stones' song begins along with a line that is, "You can't always acquire what you wish for," that broadly explains the economic problem posed by which factor: (v) scarcity, (w) opportunity costs (x) human greed (y) diminishing returns and (z) marginal utility?


  • Q : Allocative Mechanisms and Efficiency

    Allotment of resources and goods through tradition or brute force will most probable outcome in: (i) Inadequately low production. (ii) Equivalent income distributions. (iii) Democratic resource allocation. (iv) Production possibilities growth.

  • Q : Condition to being a free good Which of

    Which of the given probably comes closest to make a free good: (1) Unexpected warmth through the sun within Chicago in January. (2) A hot school lunch given for a needy student. (3) A microwave pizza bought along with food stamps. (4) Income earned th

  • Q : Explain about the Economic Scarcity

    Economic scarcity: (w) will eventually be removed by technological progress. (x) is synonymous along with an economic shortage. (y) cannot exist within a market economy. (z) will exist as long as human needs exceed the goods we can produce using our r

  • Q : Crime punishment suggest by Jeremy

    Suggestion of Jeremy Bentham that crime must be punished proportionally to the harm completed to society, but without consideration of intent, remorse or motive.” His proposal would result within more than the optimal amount of crime due to the:

  • Q : Critical features of Technological

    New services and goods, new forms and types of equipment, and new knowledge regarding how to combine resources productively are all critical features of: (1) entrepreneurial profits. (2) winning the global war against scarcity. (3) net investment with

  • Q : People moods towards Positive Economics

    Average men are innately further perceptive than average women within ascertaining people’s moods and predicting behavior, when average women classically have relatively better depth perception and intrinsically more precise geometric intuition. So, the precedin