Your first milestone consists of two deliverables a visio

Visio diagram and Vulnerabilities write up

Your first milestone consists of two deliverables: a Visio diagram that depicts your interpretation of the current network and a written summary of network vulnerabilities that you uncover. Your network diagram doesn't have to depict every object. Instead, you can summarize objects.

Good general guidelines for your diagram are as follows:

1. The diagram fits on one page.

2. Your name is on the diagram.

3. Your diagram has a title or heading that contains the assignment number.

4. It is formatted nicely to make it easy to understand.

5. The objects in the diagram are clearly identified.

6. When a single object is used to represent multiple objects, it is labeled to show the correct numbers.

7. Connections are labeled.

Your written summary is an explanation of the network, system, and server assets along with any vulnerability you may observe. This should be done in Microsoft Word and should follow standard academic formatting with proper attention to spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. Make sure you include a brief introduction explaining your document.

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Computer Network Security: Your first milestone consists of two deliverables a visio
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