You will prepare and submit a strategic plan for becoming a

You will prepare and submit a strategic plan for becoming a more responsible citizen.  your project should be between 2000 and 2500 words in length (with a typical font and double spacing, this will be between 8 and 10 pages). Your assignment should be submitted as a Microsoft Word document file. (If you cannot submit your file in in Word, please discuss other options with your mentor before submitting your assignment.)

Your paper should answer all the following questions. Be sure your responses are complete and that your writing is organized, clear, and grammatically correct. Properly cite any outside sources of information, including your textbook, in proper APA style.

  • In the introduction to your paper, provide an historical overview and theoretical foundation for the practice of deliberative democracy and its responsible expression in civic action.

  • Use Written Assignment 5 (the midterm assignment) and any feedback that you have received from your mentor as the basis for your final project. Describe an agenda for your individual engagement, as a responsible citizen, in the process of democratic deliberation (domestically) or global citizenship (internationally). The issue-area that you have selected should be of national or global importance and should involve social action aimed at improving a situation or supporting an existing effort.

  • Perform outside research (citing at least two reputable sources) and use it to describe your issue-area or target organization. Present the problems that might be solved or the positive benefits of your participation.

  • Describe how you can exercise your right of civic participation. What resources can you use? Define the field of action for your engagement and your goals. Connect your proposed social action to the content of this course, including its relationship to both concepts of democratic governance  and the principles and  processes of deliberative democracy. Explain how accomplishing this plan would help you become a more robust global citizen.

  • Finally, discuss both the challenges and opportunities that exist in the issue-area of your choice. These may be challenges to deliberative democracy, to responsible and engaged citizenship,  or to civic participation. Discuss ways of dealing with these challenges.

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