Write a two-page double-spaced 12-pt 1-inch margin response

Write a two-page, double-spaced, 12-pt, 1-inch margin response to the selected scenario, along with your references. Be sure to include your name and the Scenario number you have selected on the submitted work. Don't forget to use pictures supporting your response.

Scenario 1

A friend who has multiple physical disabilities wants to get started using a computer. She has some movement in her arms, but limited dexterity with fingers. Recommend specific input devices that will make it easier for her to use the computer, and provide information on pricing, where to buy them, and setup. Include pictures. The audience is your friend.

Scenario 2

A startup company needs to purchase computers for their employees. The top priority is that the administration, maintenance, and upkeep on them be extremely simple, because there will be very limited IT support available in-house. Develop a proposal that recommends hardware and operating systems for 100 users (50 desktops and 50 notebooks). Compare at least three options, with costs for each, and recommend a top choice. The audience is the company's operations director.

Scenario 3

A company needs to implement security that will prevent computers from being removed from the offices in which they are placed, and that will prevent anyone except authorized users from accessing them. Research and recommend a cost-effective physical security system and a biometric identification system. The audience is the company's operations director.

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Basic Computer Science: Write a two-page double-spaced 12-pt 1-inch margin response
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