Write a reflexive essay to include as preface to the

Write a Reflexive Essay to include as Preface to the Student Portfolio. The writing should reflect on how you developed as a thinker and writer during the course of Writing Seminar I. It can reflect skills, process, or a realization about writing that unfolded for you as you undertook the coursework of the seminar. Make a point about the importance of writing as a form of knowledge.

· Paper must be titled.

· Limit the page count to two (2).

· If texts are cited, they must be listed on a Works Cited page at the end of the essay.

· Paper must exhibit academic approaches in tone, voice, and prose.

· Paper should be included as the preface to the Student Portfolio of Writing

Rhetorical Situation:

For this assignment, your rhetorical situation is the Assessment in Writing Scholarship Conference. Its committee is collecting data about college writing seminars and how students deal with the transitions they undergo as they seek to comprehend, respond to, and use academic texts in writing. Write your reflection with an awareness of how your texts (your body of work), and the process you undertook to complete them, will affect the research.

Make sure that the writing has a clear purpose and that you select a main point or claim regarding your evolution as a writer. Because the writing engages you as the subject, a narrative tone is acceptable; however, in order to maintain an academic tone, your experience should serve as evidence for a claim that is clearly related to writing.

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English: Write a reflexive essay to include as preface to the
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