Would this violate your own personal ethics


Given -

The law is the basis from which most people act. They want to be in agreement with the law to avoid liability. Sometimes, our professions might have stricter standards and require more than the law. Companies might have stricter standards as well in their codes of ethics.

Some thoughts to consider -

  • Would this violate your own personal ethics?
  • How would your family and community react if your actions were known?
  • How would your actions look in the newspaper?

Discussion - Visit the website Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues, 2009-2017: Explore the various sections and look around the site.

From the Projects link; review and scan the report: Ethics and Ebola: Public Health Planning and Response

  • What are your thoughts on these questions asked above and some thoughts on a scan of the Ethics and Ebola Report?
  • Give an example and explain what you would do in a healthcare situation.

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Business Law and Ethics: Would this violate your own personal ethics
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