Why is lsquosustainability a complex and controversial

Assessment: Reflective journal


The reflective journal is a record of your informed opinions in relation to the topics studied between 1 and 4. For this assignment, you will be writing the reflections in the first person ("I") to address the following questions:

1: Introducing sustainability.

Why is ‘sustainability' a complex and controversial concept?

2: The business case for sustainability

In your view, what is the most compelling business case for sustainability? Why is this so?

3: Leadership for sustainability

Cavagnaro and Curiel (2012) propose that sustainability leadership ‘starts with the individual'. Do you agree with this statement? Please justify your answer.

4: Sustainability models to "think with"

Why do existing sustainability models emphasise systems thinking?


1. The entries must include a heading with the week number, topic title and the question to be addressed

2. Entries must be no longer than 500 words each; they should be focused and succinct.

3. While the Reflective Journal is a record of your own thoughts, you must appropriately reference any ideas taken from the prescribed readings and/or other learning materials.

4. Make sure you do not just regurgitate information provided in the lectures and readings. You must actively engage with the questiona, making sure that you effectively address them.

5. Make sure that the points you make are carefully crafted and logically connected.

6. Please leave a 3 cm left margin for the marker's comments

7. Do not forget to attach a cover sheet onto the journal (available from vUWS), and also a copy of the marking criteria sheet.

Note: This assignment will be submitted in Week 5 both through Turnitin and in hard copy with an Assignment Cover Sheet. The hard copy is to be handed to the lecturer in class on the due date.

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