Why do businesses need information technology


In answering the questions, consider other points of view and/or questions you may have about the situation presented.

1. Why do businesses need information technology? What are the advantages and disadvantages you see within the organization?

2. How can understanding the overall organization's strategic goals aid in planning? What are the potential problems?

3. As a manager, you need to analyze information from a wide variety of sources. What information do you need to make decisions? Where would you find it?

4. What were your criteria for evaluating the information presented? Are the facts documented or assumed to be true?

5. Is there an opportunity to take the organization in a new direction or make improvements to performance?

6. How could you effectively use the information to give your firm a competitive advantage over the competition?

Remember, there are no absolute right or wrong answers in these assignments. I am looking for your opinion and the appropriate documentation and references to support your premise. Be creative. Dare to think outside the box.

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