When my turn came i muttered meekly i cant dont say cant in

Analyzing Features of Literacy Narratives

Read the following Passages that depict key moments in two students' literacy experiences, and answer the questions about them that direct your attention to specific features.


I was placed in the remedial reading group. Our books had red plastic covers while the other kids had books with yellow covers that looked gold to me.

When it was reading time, the rest of the red group and I congregated around a rectangular wood table where Mrs. Hinckley would direct each of us to read a passage from the story aloud. The first time this happened, my stomach dropped. Even the remedial kids were sounding out the words, but I had no idea what those symbols on the page meant.

When my turn came, I muttered meekly, "I can't...."

"Don't say 'can't' in my classroom!" Mrs. Hinckley snapped. Then, more gently, she said, "Just sound it out...."

I did as she recommended and could hardly believe what was happening.

I was reading. I felt superhuman with such a power. After that moment, I read to my mom every night.

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English: When my turn came i muttered meekly i cant dont say cant in
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