What two companies offer type of service


Question 1

In addition to expedite and priority freight forwarding charges, brokers and freight forwarders may offer an additional service. A) Name this service B) Explain in detail when or why it may be used and any associated costs C) When transporting goods during domestic truck transportation, list the PRIMARY documents that are required during the shipping process.

Question 2

Containerized freight transportation service is sold and offered in two types of services. A) List their name(s) B) What two companies offer this type of service? C) What is the name given to the standard trade terms used in international contracts of sale? Give a history and purpose.

Question 3

1. On February 17, 2005 a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking required electronic filing of Shippers Export Declaration (SED) data. A) Name the system that is used and its purpose B) Describe its use with other joint venture agencies.

2. There are several agencies within the United States government that control exports.

A) The _____________________ is the agency within the U.S. Department of Commerce that is responsible for implementing and enforcing the ____________________.

B) _______________is an alphanumeric code that describes a particular commodity and shows the specific controls associated with it.

C) 3A001 typical ECCN. What does the "A" represent or designate in the number?__________________________

Question 4

Warehouse management is the storage of commodities for profit. What are six major functions? List and describe each in detail.

Question 5

During the manufacture of a personal computer, there are basic functional units that must be incorporated to allow a computer to perform tasks.

A) List the basic functional units B) Describe what process occurs in each unit C) Give an example of how one unit will be used.

2. The warehouse distribution process requires the industry to adopt a specific type of identification method(s) to track and sort their products.

A) Name and describe two common methods that are used B) List and describe three benefits (each) of implementing this system

Question 6

Pinto Brokerage Company is in financial distress due to management disregard of their trucking division. They have spent a majority of their funds to salvage the company with no success. The CEO has asked his management staff to develop a plan to save the company.

1. A) What type of analysis should Pinto Brokerage Company use? B) How would this type of analysis benefit their business?

2. During the analysis process Pinto Brokerage Company, managers decide to try different options to save the company money. A) Name and describe an option that would allow them to "farm out" their trucking division and why it would be beneficial B) If option A is a success, name and describe the process that they may consider after they have stabilized the company.

Question 7

1. A) Describe three (3) negotiation tactics to employ while engaged in a negotiation. B) Which tactic would you use during a negotiation process? C) Explain why you would use this tactic.

2. What is quid pro quo? Give an example. B) What is quid pro nihilo? Give an example.

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