What social commentary does the film make about western


‘Binta and the Great Idea' is a short film directed by Spaniard Javier Fesser. The project was carried out with the support of UNICEF and was a Spanish-Sengalese collaboration. You will be able to watch the film by making a search on your usual Internet search engine (just by typing "Binta and the Great Idea" you will find many results). As you watch the film, please keep the following questions in mind, to be later discussed in the online forum:

What social commentary does the film make about Western perspectives of developing countries?

What Western assumptions about developing nations are brought up and broken down in the film?

What potential warning does the film contain for international and humanitarian aid projects for developing countries?

How can this film be used to reflect on and improve Sport for Development projects?

What are some key issues pointed out in the film that might be addressed by Sport for Development initiatives?

What is the significance of the moment the wealthy village man explains his reasoning for buying a new watch? What commentary does this make about Western values?

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