What precipitate student high-risk status or suicide attempt

Problem: When a student is returning to school after a suicide- or mental-health-related absence, a staff member should be designated to facilitate the child's return. Which of the following are included among that staff member's list of responsibilities? (Select all that apply.) A. Become familiar with basic information about the case, such as: how the student's risk status was identified; what precipitated the student's high-risk status or suicide attempt; and what medications the student is taking. B. Hold a re-entry meeting for all applicable parties prior to the student's return. C. Ensure that classroom modifications are appropriate, and that their effectiveness is monitored. D. Encourage the student to access available services and supports. E. Keep close contact with the student to ensure they are experiencing success and not feeling overwhelmed. F. Serve as the school's primary link to the parents, and maintain regular contact with the family

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Other Subject: What precipitate student high-risk status or suicide attempt
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