What is true is if you try to micromanage people working

Discussion Post: Incredible Tips before Constructing Your Dream Home

Here are some incredible tips that you can consider while constructing your dream home.

1) Get the budgeting right - I have not met a single person who has stuck to the initial budget they started with. Assume a 20% increase in cost if you are a financially conservative person, if you don't consider yourself strict with the money I would suggest involving your suppose or a trusted friend to reign you in your spending. Use the best quality hydraulic hose fittings.

2) While selecting contractors, architects, and Interior Designers, I generally like to visit their older projects and not the last ones that they have made, sometimes a home looks great when new, but I am more interested in how the home looks after 5 - 10 years. The right hydraulic hose would make your home pipings last longer.

3) Spend a lot of time researching but don't micromanage the people working - If your architect and contractor know what you are talking about your estimates reduce automatically. What is also true is if you try to micromanage people working, you are sure to encourage them to cut corners and demotivates them to work to their best.

4) Hire a home inspector - before making final payments to all your vendors, this ensures that you get any mistakes fixed at the earliest.

5) Be patient when things don't go on schedule or you have to stretch your budget a bit.

6) Be wary of things that seem too good to be true, sometimes inexpensive is good, sometimes it ends up costing you a lot more.

7) Don't be afraid to change contractors if you feel you are being ripped off, the earlier you do it the less it will cost you.

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