What is the standard transportation for product


Part 1

When doing business domestically, it is a lot more easier then doing it on a global level. When you do it on a global level, you have to factor in intermodal transportation and which transportation method is the best route. I have an online business and most of my suppliers are overseas. When making a decision about what is the standard transportation for that product, I think about the value of the product. When the product is super cheap, then customers are looking for a bargain so I use the sea freight method and when they cost a lot, that means the customer is more invested in it making me go with air freight for better quality service. What do you think will become the more important mode in the future the way technology is growing?

Part 2

Great post, most companies have to make a choice as to how they need their freight transported. You mention that cost is one of the most considered options when deciding which mode to use, however, an article that I read mentioned that some companies will utilize air freight regardless of cost, the reasoning for this is that a company wants to push out their product during peak seasonal sales. I believe that sea transport is probably one of the best options, not only is it environmentally friendly but also the freight will not be handled nearly as much as air freight. Which mode of International transport would you say is the most reliable?

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Microeconomics: What is the standard transportation for product
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