What is the significance of your passage

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The Technique of Free-Writing to Assist in Literary Analysis

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Select a short quote or passage from book 1 that represents a particular theme, character or idea that you find relevant to the concerns of the novel. Share the passage, page number and why you found it important. What is the significance of your passage? (Make sure that you write freely and pick a different passage than your peers!)


The goal of free-writing is to generate a continuous, forward-moving flow of text, to track down all of your thoughts about this passage or quote, as if you are thinking on the page. The purpose of this technique is to open yourself up to the possibilities of your ideas while establishing a record of what those ideas are. Through the unhindered nature of this open process, you are freed to stumble into interesting options you might not have previously considered.

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English: What is the significance of your passage
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