What is the purpose of a wsib functional abilities form


1. How many days (after becoming an Ontario employer and hiring their first worker) does an Ontario employer who is "covered" by Ontario'sworkers' compensation regime have to register with the WSIB?

2. What is the name of the statute that governs that the WSIB and its decision-making processes?

3. What are an employer's general legal obligations when an employee becomes ill or is injured in the workplace? What if there is a "critical accident" in the workplace?

4. In what three (3) circumstances must an employer report a workplace injury to the WSIB? Are there any circumstances where the employer doesn't have to make a report to the WSIB?

5. How many days does an employer have to report a workplace injury to the WSIB? What if a worker is injured in the workplace but is put on modified duties at full pay? Does this extend the period of time that an employer has for reporting the workplace injury?

6. What is the name of the WSIB form that an employer must file with the WSIB to report a workplace injury?

7. What is the purpose of a WSIB functional abilities form?

8. Briefly describe all the benefits that are available to injured workers under the WSIA.

9. The WSIB is considered a "no-fault insurance system". What does the term "no-fault" mean?

10. Please describe an employer's statutory obligation to re-employ injured workers, as described in s. 41 of the WSIA.

11. Who funds the benefits for injured workers under the WSIA?

12. Please find the following decision of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal WSIAT Decision no. 413/07, 2007 OWSIAT andexplain why the teacher in the case was granted WSIB Loss of Earnings Benefits and Health Care Benefits even though she had returned to work on a part-time basis after her workplace injury. And, even though a possible explanation for her injury in the workplace was her rigorous exercise regime or pre- existing cardiac problems which was not connected to the workplace.

13. What are the names of three (3) types of occupational diseases that qualify for benefits under the WSIA?

14. Under the WSIA, what legal standard must be met by a worker for him or her to qualify for benefits for mental stress?

15. Please explain the exemption from mental stress benefits outlined in s. 13(5) of the WSIA.

16. How many days does a worker have to notify the WSIB of a material change in circumstances that affects their entitlement to WSIB benefits and services?

17. How is "wilful misconduct" leading to an injury in the workplace addressed in s. 17 of the WSIA?

18. Please identify three "low-risk industries" that are not compulsorily covered under the WSIA benefit regime.

19. Assume a worker makes net earnings of $1,000.00 per week, suffers a workplace injury, and is found qualified for WSIA Loss of Earnings (LOE) Benefits by the WSIB. In these circumstances, how much money would the worker be entitled to receive for LOE benefits from the WSIB?

20. Subject to certain exceptions, over how many months does a worker have to receive LOE benefits for those benefits to become permanent under the WSIA?

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