What is the gamut of a color space and what is the gamma of

1. What are the R, G, B values of the following colors?

Cyan Magenta




What is the meaning of "K" in CMYK? 

2. What is the gamut of a color space? 

3. What is the gamma of a color space (or color display device)? 

4. For each of the following statements, decide whether it is True or False, and give your reason.

   4.1 The reason that the sky is blue is that your mother told you so when you were young. The color of the sky would be red if you mother had told you that the color of the sky were red.

    4.2 A spectrum color (with single frequency, like any of the colors in a rainbow) is out of gamut of any color space.

5. What are the most salient differences between ordinary TV and HDTV/UHDTV?

6. What is the advantage of interlaced video? What are some of its problems?

7. Describe the NTSC video and PAL video standards.

8. On the back of a TV set or a computer monitor, you may see several forms of video input interfaces. Describe the following video display interfaces:

Component Video Composite Video S-Video VGA DVI HDMI 

9. Assuming the bit-depth of 12 bits, 120 fps, and 4:2:2 chromasubsamplng, what are the bitrates of the 4K UHDTV and 8K UHDTV videos if they are uncompressed?

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Computer Graphics: What is the gamut of a color space and what is the gamma of
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