What is the feds inflation target


Here is the Federal Reserve Policy Statement from its last meeting:

You will also need to find reporting or analysis of this statement. (Find an outside source to support your analysis)

Please write an analysis of the statement that answers the following:

Summarize the FOMC's assessment of the overall economy currently and in the near future.

(Answer these questions when analysing the FOMC's assessment)

1. What did the Fed decide to do in March? What does the Fed expect to do over the next several months?

2. What is the Fed's inflation target? Is the current inflation rate at, below, or above target? How does this affect the FOMC's current planning?

3. Do you agree with the Fed's overall reasoning? Explain your position. Why are some observers critical of the Fed's current stance?

Please include a works cited with the outside sources you consult.

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Microeconomics: What is the feds inflation target
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