What is feminist about getting played

Response to the following:

1. What is feminist about Getting Played, and how does it achieve the feminist agenda in criminology?

Use the material about feminist criminology .

2. What is meant by the term "hyper-criminalization," and how does it related to the "youth control complex?"

3. Paper on Getting Played and Punished

Using the ideas in Punished and Getting Played explain which one of these kinds of scholarship (specifically feminist scholarship, or more general critical scholarship) you like the best in terms of

1) being interesting;

2) being useful in creating social policy; and

3) useful for students of criminology}.

Start with a brief comparison of feminist theory and critical criminology (about one page, most) and then offer you views as to which is best about two pages.

4. Final paper :

1. Three things you learned about criminological analysis/theory/concepts

2. Two things that shocked you about the lives and behaviors of criminals and victims of crime

3. One thing you find interesting in any one of the books, and how would you would go about researching it using either positivist, interactionist (situational), feminist or critical reasoning.

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