What is evaluation of immelt new organic growth strategy


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1. What is you evaluation of Immelt's new organic growth strategy? Why change GE's existing successful strategy? Is it reasonable to expect that a $125 billion global giant can significantly and consistently outperform the underlying economic growth rate?

2. Is Immelt betting on the right things to drive growth in GE? Can he hope to change a company whose growth was driven by acquisitions and productivity improvement into an organic growth company dependent on innovation, entrepreneurship, and risk-taking - particularly in such a large, complex, performance-driven corporation?

3. How have the Locomotive IBs been able to survive in the wake of the failure of the AC 6000, the initial difficulty in obtaining orders for Evo, the continual redefinition of the global Evo product, and the failure to make Hybrid commercially viable?

4. What action should the Transportation business take regarding the Hybrid locomotive?

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Macroeconomics: What is evaluation of immelt new organic growth strategy
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