What ethical issues will jamie lynn face in implementing

Review the following scenario and answer the corresponding questions.

Jamie Lynn, a Health Educator for a small non-profit community organization, is in the process of designing and developing a health education program for her community. After conducting a thorough needs assessment, she has determined that the adolescents in her community are in dire need of STD prevention and education. Consequently, Jamie Lynn would like to design a program that offers free education and contraceptive resources in local clinics, school health offices, and social areas catering to the teen population.
In your opinion, what type of evaluation method(s) should Jamie Lynn use for this program and why (i.e., process, impact, outcome, formative, and/or summative)?

Why is it important for Jamie Lynn to evaluate the results of her program? Who should conduct the evaluation?

What ethical issues will Jamie Lynn face in implementing and evaluating this program?

What problems or barriers will she encounter, and why?


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Science: What ethical issues will jamie lynn face in implementing
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