What did you learn about the eugenics movement

Problem 1: What did you learn about the eugenics movement? In the early days of her work, why did Sanger target minorities and women with intellectual disabilities? 

Problem 2: What connections do you see between what was said in the 1966 anti-pill article and current discussions of sexuality and reproduction?

Problem 3: Define differential justice. Thinking specifically about the recent overturning of Roe V. Wade by the Supreme Court, what is the relationship between differential justice and reproductive justice?

Problem 4: In what ways are race, gender, and sexuality highlighted by differential justice as it applies to abortion?

Problem 5: Do you agree or disagree with Alexis McGill Johnson, the current President of Planned Parenthood, on how Sanger's legacy should be viewed today

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Other Subject: What did you learn about the eugenics movement
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