What are vandana shivas views of development and progress


Question: What are Vandana Shiva's views of development and progress as they relate to land use and control of environmental systems?

Here are some notes the professor emailed me: The important point to note in responding to this question is that Shiva thinks that the contemporary, Western "capitalist, corporatist" conception of what development is and what progress is veers very far from what she sees as genuine development and progress. What development and progress mean for an agricultural corporation like Monsanto is something quite different than what it means for the poor farmers who must both compete with and defend themselves against the onslaught of giant agri-business. Remember, she is coming at things from a feminist position, which sees much of history and the cultural structures built on historical frameworks of both Western (white) male dominance and the attendant suppression of women's voices and women's and children's rights as supremely unjust.

Think about who Shiva thinks should be in control of the land; what does she see as true progress and beneficial development for society? What specific views is she fighting against? Why do some people think she comes on too strong and even hurts the feminist cause? What do you think of her efforts? She is very famous and has an almost-saintlike appeal to her followers.

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Science: What are vandana shivas views of development and progress
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