What are three challenges into a single project plan


In the final project plan is where you will integrate the information you gathered in the prior three challenges into a single project plan. You should utilize the peer feedback and faculty feedback you received to improve the planning work you did in the three challenges. You should use this chance to update your prior work from those parts of the project and earn a high score on this final project plan.

Complete an integrated 3 page Executive Summary for the entire project: This is the part of the final project plan where you will integrate the summaries from the prior three challenges. Make sure to strike a balance between the different challenges. What are the goals of the division and what the priories for developing the division? What operational, staffing and development plans are most important to reaching those goals? What is the general sequence for rolling out these plans? Based on your analyses, what are the potential opportunities and risks for the project? What assumptions are you making that might limit the information in your final project plan?

Update your supporting information for the three challenges: Here you will revise or modify the supporting documentation you provided in the appendices of the prior three challenges. Also, you should select the most relevant documentation that supports the integrated executive summary for the final project. In other words, don't just copy the prior documentation into this part of the final plan. Update any missing documents and select the documents that are relevant. The peer and faculty feedback will be very useful here. Make sure to organize these documents around each part of the plan as follows: Appendix - Operations; Appendix - HR & Staffing; Appendix - Organizational Development. These documents should be clear and be linked to the info in the executive summary.

Project Reflection

Now that you're wrapping the simulation project, write a reflection of what you've learned from process of developing an organization from an integrative perspective. Consider how this broad approach to designing a division of a nonprofit highlighted unique challenges and tradeoffs in decisions you made about the organization. Address the following questions in your reflection essay: What parts of the challenges were in your comfort zone? Why? What were the most difficult parts of the three challenges? why? What would you do to develop your skills for this type of project planning? What tradeoffs did see as you developed the plans for the nonprofit division? What is the likely impact of these tradeoffs on the future success of the division? What unique insights or lessons learned did you gain from writing this broad organizational development plan?

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Project Management: What are three challenges into a single project plan
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