What are the influences in your life that have shaped you

Assignment task:

Reflect on the person and professional you were when you started your Early Childhood journey. Based on what you have learned since then,  a letter of advice to yourself as you were then. What advice would you give to yourself? What are the important bits of wisdom you would share?

Who are you, and what impact do you want to have on the children and families you work with or will work with in the future?

What are the influences in your life that have shaped you and how have they prepared you for working with children and families?

Find a different peer whose influences were different from yours and discuss how these might influence your viewpoint on teaching. Provide at least one suggestion or piece of advice for using that information to grow that viewpoint.

Dear Tamika,

I want to share some knowledge and guidance that I've gained over the years as you enter the field of early childhood education. Your enthusiasm and commitment to developing the minds of children are truly remarkable and I hope that these words will serve as an encouragement for you as you set out on this important journey.

Growing up away from home matured you quickly. You had to fend for myself or so you thought. Being away from home at a young teenager was hard. You were at an age where you was transitioning from teenager to adulthood. Being a shy and a timid girl who wasn't able to express herself or my feelings verbally. At that house you found yourself surrounded by a group of females ranging 12-29-year-old. They became your little and big sisters. A blessing in disguised. They were there to mold you into the woman that you will become today. They modeled how to produce self-confidence. They taught you how to become a successful woman and address others in conversations. Soon you will realize that these were the skills I need to become a great educator. Continue to be the best you and work hard on continuing your education you will make a difference in many children lives.

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