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Analyze how General Mills represents and advances the goals of its stakeholders

Since its inception, General Mills has always strive to take care of its consumers nutritional needs. As they continue to do this, General Mills also seeks to keep their stakeholders involved in the process to ensure they are satisfied with the direction of the company. Stakeholders hold much ground with corporations. Stakeholders can be anyone from customers to business partners. Stakeholders influence how a business is run. The stakeholders of General Mills are no different an any other stakeholder. They want the company to be more efficient and self sustaining. They want the company to have good quality products that are nutritious and affordable. They also want General Mills to continue to be a leader for communities around the world. To ensure that stakeholders are kept in the loop, General Mills has released an annual report of its efforts to stakeholders for the past 46 years.

For General Mills, the company has developed an understanding with its customers. To fulfill the demands, General Mills created a heath profile, sustainable sourcing commitment and climate and water stewardship efforts (Wulff; 2016). One of the many goals of stakeholders was to change the background of several of the products sold by General Mills. General Mills shifted in the ingredients added to products and began to discontinue to use of artificial flavors (Wulff; 2016). General Mills also moved toward sustainability. In this case, General Mills is hoping to sustain all of its ten priority ingredients by the year 2020 (Wulff; 2016). In addition, the company is limiting its greenhouse emissions as well as conserving its water usage, making General Mills very Eco-friendly. General Mills has also continued to develop its relationship of consumers around the world by becoming actively involved with human rights and animal welfare.

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