What are economic advantages of dealing with a vendor

Assignment: Choosing a Global Supplier

In order for Tim's Coffee Shoppe to be successful, Tim will have to be sure he has a consistent and reliable supply of coffee beans.

Research coffee bean producing countries on the Internet, and choose one country along with a grower that would have the greatest supplier potential to import beans for domestic sales with your distribution firm.

Write your original, double-spaced expository essay in a minimum of 4 pages (which includes a Title and a References page) and use 12 point Times New Roman font. Your citations (minimum one (1), and maximum two (2) short scholarly citations) and references must follow APA format and citation style.

Checklist: Address the following items in an expository essay and APA format and citation style:

• Choose a country and a grower for your supplier of coffee beans that you (as distributor) can then sell.

• What are the economic advantages of dealing with a vendor from this country?

• Does the country have environmental laws that align with those of our country? What are they?

• Will there be a marketing advantage by divulging the source of the coffee beans? Why or why not?

• Will sourcing the beans from the supplier you choose affect Tim's bottom-line or not? Discuss your reasoning.

Use a minimum of one and maximum of two short scholarly citations and references.

Topic: Global versus International Strategy

Do some research in the Library and/or the Internet.

• Differentiate between a global marketing strategy and an international marketing strategy to market toys.

Researching Entry Modes

You will not be required to post to classmates in this Journal Posting, but your posting should be original. You will only be graded on your initial posting of 250 words.

As businesses seek to expand across borders, there are several options of entry mode available. Using your readings of the text regarding "Where to Produce", compare the advantages and disadvantages of the following entry modes:

(1) Establishment of a Greenfield venture and producing in a foreign market,

(2) Exporting a product to a foreign market,

(3) Franchising to another firm in a foreign market, and

(4) Re-licensing to another firm within a foreign market.

Post your response addressing these points in a minimum of 250 words. Use APA format and citation style regarding any short, direct citations and provide an APA formatted reference at the end of the entry.

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Microeconomics: What are economic advantages of dealing with a vendor
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