Unethical behavior relative to business use of it

Problem 1) What are some of the more common challenges and how might they be overcome? You may want to focus on one industry such as an accounting firm.

Problem 2) What would you identify as the most common, or most egregious forms of unethical behavior relative to business use of IT? What should be appropriate terms of redress?

Problem 3) Do you feel the "Black Friday" sales pushes, particularly the new trend to open on Thanksgiving day itself, is unethical? Does this increase the already rampant consumerism and further detract from the family? Or, is this simply good marketing, part of free enterprise, and up to the customer to accept or to ignore?

Problem 4) How can we as accountants avoid this issue and stick to our professional ethics?

Problem 5) How can an accountant maintain objectivity or independence when the company is quite small? In fact, the vast majority of accountants work for small companies, family firms, or their own small business. In light of this DQ topic, how might the accountant for a closely held company maintain objectivity particularly in regard to the clear disclosure of debt?

Problem 6) How can we as accountants or business owners keep emotions in check regarding the decision to file bankruptcy or in the process of preparing BK data?

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Business Law and Ethics: Unethical behavior relative to business use of it
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