Types of recruitment tactics


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What benefits were used to entice men to participate in the Crusades? What types of recruitment tactics have been used in more recent wars? Are there any similarities?

Response for: this is from Fiefdom and Monastery, Pilgrimage and Crusade

When men fought in the Crusades, they were promised many things, but the main driving force behind their campaign was the cleansing of their sins. I doubt they would have fought so hard to spread Christianity if their souls were to be damned in Hell for eternity. Priests "blessed" each soldier before they went to battle and promised them a ticket into heaven no matter what they did in the war. Whether it be killing, raping, betrayal, or another sin, they all were wiped clean in the name of God.

The most similar tactics being used today would be with terrorist that are promised a quick ticket to heaven for martyrdom. The soldiers here in the United States of America are recruited for other various reasons. Such reasons include wanting to preserve the freedom of the country, being recruited in high school from an ROTC program, or for the many VA benefits. Compared to the way people are recruited into the US army, the recruitment process for the army of the Crusades is mainly different because they are not persuaded much by religion anymore. The United States, and actually most of the world have moved more towards a secular view.

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History: Types of recruitment tactics
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