Transcript of the npr story on workplace cheating


Employee monitoring practices are often implemented without an employee's consent or awareness. With technological advances making a wide variety of stealth monitoring techniques available, organizations face a challenging balancing act considering legitimate business concerns while respecting their employees' right to privacy. In this assignment, you will discuss the issue of workplace privacy with your fellow students.

First read the transcript of the NPR story on workplace cheating.

Read the transcript attached of the National Public Radio feature "Shirking Work"

Then examine the following four areas of workplace privacy according to the guidelines listed below:

Drug testing
Email privacy
Telephone conversation privacy
Personal privacy

Write an essay answering the following questions:

What promotes the differing views managers and employees have on privacy issues?

What should a company have access to regarding an employee's personal life, and what is not reasonable?

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Business Law and Ethics: Transcript of the npr story on workplace cheating
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