To what extent your personality influence your academics

Assignment task: Over the past three weeks, you have been exposed to many concepts, theories, and terms related to psychology. Now is the time to make personal application to the concepts. This personal application of concepts learned is one of the things that make psychology such an interesting area of study. Not all courses of study have such a direct application to our own lives. You will research and write about the following topics:

"To what extent does your personality influence your academic performance"

Define Personality.

Define personality traits.

How do your personality traits influence your academic performance?

What approaches could you take to ensure success in your studies?

You will read and research at least four scholarly sources from the Keiser Online Library and then identify, discuss, and place this concept in proper context in your own life. After you have identified this concept, you will then explain ways this concept can be applied to your own life with examples.  I hope you enjoy your research and this personal application.

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Other Subject: To what extent your personality influence your academics
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