Synopsis on accounting fraud at worldcom

Task: Accounting Fraud at WorldCom

1. Write a synopsis on accounting fraud at WorldCom.

2. Research and describe the external environment that WorldCom faced during 1999-2000.

3. Identify and describe all ethical dilemmas found at WorldCom.

4. Identify the stakeholders at WorldCom.

5. Briefly describe the culture within the company of WorldCom.

6. Describe the impact of the decisions made at WorldCom to the stakeholders.

7. Write a recommendation to the Board of Directors outlining corrective action for each ethical dilemma that you have identified in question 1, 2, 3, and 4. Be specific and thorough in your description of each dilemma (cite examples at WorldCom.)

8. How would the recommended corrective actions in question 6 impact the stakeholders?

9. Assuming you are the Chief Executive Officer at a Fortune 500 company what questions would you ask Cynthia Cooper in an interview for the Chief Financial Officer position? Would you hire her? Why or why not.

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Business Law and Ethics: Synopsis on accounting fraud at worldcom
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