Suppose that tahers pizza business operates under

Suppose that Taher's pizza business operates under competitive conditions and that his short-run production function is q=20^E .

a) How much labor does he employ if the price of each pizza is p = $12 and the hourly wage is w0 = $6? [Hint: In this case, it can be shown that the marginal product of labor is MPE = 10/ square rootE. ]

b) What happens to the quantity of labor he demands if the wage increases to w1 = $12?

c) Once again assume w = $6 but suppose the government imposes a tax of 25% on each dollar he pays his workers, to cover their health insurance costs (called a payroll tax). Ceteris paribus, what happens to his employment level?

d) Suppose the conditions set out in (a) hold. All else equal, what happens if the government imposes a 25% tax on his profits?

e) What do you conclude from your answers to (c) and (d)?

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Business Economics: Suppose that tahers pizza business operates under
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