Summarize your findings from items 1 and 2recommend design

  1. Summarize your findings from Items #1 and #2
  2. Recommend design features that you and Selma will develop for inclusion in the MMH website
  3. Use APA format for any quotations or citations you use to support your answers
  4. Selma Williams is a recruiter for Mervin/McCall-Hall (MMH), a large publisher of educational textbooks (K-12 and college). Fresh out of college, Selma has received her first big assignment at MMH, and it is a tough onedevelop an Internet recruitment strategy for the entire organization. Previously, MMH had relied on the traditional recruitment methodscollege recruiting, word of mouth, newspaper advertisements, and search firms. As more and more of MMH's text-book business is connected to the web, however, it became clear to Selma's boss, Jon Beerfly, that MMH needs to consider upgrading its recruitment process. Accordingly, after Selma had acclimated herself to MMH and had worked on a few smaller recruitment projects (including doing a fair amount of recruiting at college campuses in the past three months), Jon described her new assignment to her, concluding, "Selma, I really don't know much about this. I'm going to leave it to you to come up with a set of recommendations about what we ought to be doing. We just had a new intern come into the office for a stint in HR, and I'm going to assign this person to you to help on this project." Assume that you are the intern.At your first meeting, you and Selma discuss many different issues and agree that regardless of whatever else is done, MMH must have a recruitment area on the corporate website. After further discussion, Selma gives you several assignments toward this objective:1. Look at three to five corporate websites that have a recruitment area and note their major features, strengths, and weaknesses.Interview three to five students who have used the recruitment area on a cor-porate website and ask them what they most liked and disliked about the recruitment areas.3. Prepare a brief report that (1) summarizes your findings from assignments #1 and #2 and (2) recommends the design features that you and Selma will develop for inclusion in the MMH wesbsite

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Business Management: Summarize your findings from items 1 and 2recommend design
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