Share your experience in completing the critical success

#1 Critical Success Factor

Share your experience in completing the "Critical Success Factor" assignment:

1. Share with the class in what you believe to be the difference between CSF and KPIs.

2. Explain how you might apply this project in the real world.

#2 Performance Measures for Improvement Opportunity

1. Share with the class 3 process performance measures from the improvement initiative identified in week #4

2. What experience have you had with control charts?

#3 Waste Identification

1. Discuss the process waste(s) that you have determined for your identified process opportunity

2. What impact does the waste have on the process?

#4 Future State Improvement Efforts

1. Discuss any improvement technique that can be utilized to optimize process. Be sure to integrate the course material into your responses.

2. Share with the class at least two identified initiatives to improve the identified process.

#5 Change Management

1. What does Change Management mean to you?

2. What Change Management tactic have you used or seen used within your workplace?

#6 Common Implementation Obstacles

1. What implementation obstacles have you experienced?

2. How did you avoid or mitigate the obstacle?

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