Role of the intercultural communication consultant


Scenario: A European Crisis for Coca Cola The situation: Review the two articles for Scenario

Learning Resources. Imagine that you are an intercultural communication consultant (ICC) entering the Coca Cola Headquarters in Atlanta one month after the first four Belgian children claim they are ill due to consuming Coke products. You are there for another job but are invited into the meeting that is analyzing the handling of this crisis.

To prepare for your Assignment, consider the following:

• Former Coke CEO Robert Goizueta states, "Business will be the institution of the future. It's the only global institution" (Greising, 1998, p. 145). Is this accurate? What implications does this have for ICC?

• All businesses working across national borders deal with conflicts between corporate culture and the national cultures in which they operate. How would you recommend translating the corporate culture of Coca Cola to the national Belgian culture?

• Leaders are symbolic representatives. What recommendations would you have for the CEO, Doug Ivester?

• How does the fact that Coca Cola has more revenue per year than the gross domestic product (GDP) of two thirds of all the world's countries play a role in how they operate in a crisis?

• What additional questions would you ask or what additional information would you need in order to give the most effective recommendations?

Your Task: Analyze the countries affected by this product issue. Consider how you would advise the leaders of Coca Cola on how they  should have approached the situation from an intercultural communication perspective in order to have minimized the impact on sales and satisfied the needs of the countries affected. Provide recommendations of how Coca Cola could handle similar situations in the future more effectively. Cite at least two of the theories/tools from your Learning Resources to support your recommendations. Reference: Greisling, D.
(1998). I'd like the world to buy a Coke: The life and leadership of Roberto Goizueta. New York, NY: John Wiley and Sons, Inc.

Assignment: Getting the Big Picture: The Role of the Intercultural Communication Consultant

The image depicts two business people under a large magnifying glass.According to a top ten list compiled by the Reed Business Information site, the top international banks are in China, Japan, The United Kingdom, Germany, and France (2013). According to the CNNMoney site, the world's largest economies span four continents-Asia, Europe, North America, and South America (2013). Money, goods and services span the globe and drive the need for intercultural communication professionals. Developing intercultural competence increases your marketability in this global economy. Your understanding of intercultural communication helps you view situations from a global lens and makes you a valuable resource within organizations operating in international environments.

In this Assignment, you explore the business conditions involving the need for intercultural communication experts. You consider the tools, skills, and theories necessary to gain insights into real business crisis situations. You take on the role of an intercultural communication consultant as you consider alternative approaches to the issue and develop effective communication recommendations.

To prepare for this Assignment:

Review the Learning Resources for this week.

Review the Assignment Scenarios document in this week's Learning Resources and select one.

Review the specific resources for your selected scenario.

Do a 2 1/2 page analysis of one of the scenarios in the Assignment Scenarios document in this week's Learning Resources. Be sure to include all of the information mentioned in the "Your Task" section of the scenario you select. Dept. of Straight Thinking


Is the Belgian Coca-Cola hysteria the real thing?

by Malcolm Gladwell

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