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I am doing a consulting project for this company called Astronova. It is based in USA- has three different divisions. Aerospace, Test & Quality & product identification. My group and I are focusing in the Product identification sector. They manufacture and sell speacilty printers to print labels in-house. These labels are high quality and can be customized. They also design labels for other parties. They want to expand to india. They want to find industries where they can enter and benefit from their services. So for now I have looked into various industries ( I will add the document with all my research). My professor think this is too basic for my clients and we need more indepth market research. We do not have a matrix for now but we have information-

1. Look into the spices industry for india. (find sales potential for my company astronova)

2. Look at potential clients/partners who we can do business with (I think spice board is one, check for verification. Also there is huge unorganized sector in india, which means they are not branded- maybe my company can enter here? But how?)

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