Review the development between india and pakistan


The paper asks you to study the Democratization or development between India and Pakistan. Come up with a general explanation about why democratization or development sometimes is quite successful and at other times is not. There is no way you (or I) can answer this question definitively for all cases at all times.So what I want you to do is to pick two cases, (India,Pakistan) which demonstrate the same thing: that X improves democratization and the absence of it weakens it or vice versa. The paper requires you to explain what is meant by democratization or development and then look at these empirical concepts in two cases. The goal is for you to demonstrate that you understand how something might improve or worsen the possibility of democratization or development and that you can demonstrate that by analyzing India and Pakistan.

Your final paper should be have a length of 10 pages

and have at least 8 scholarly resources.

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Roman, size 12,

double-spaced, Citation page, MLA Format.

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Other Subject: Review the development between india and pakistan
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