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Reading Selection: "Genre in the Wild: Understanding Genre within Rhetorical (Eco) Systems" by Lisa Bickmore Let's begin by imagining the world-the worlds, rather, in which you write. Your workplace, for instance: you might take messages, or write emails, or update records, or input orders, or fill out a variety of forms. Or what about your educational world? You likely write in response to all kinds of assignments: lab reports, research papers, short summaries, observations, even, sometimes, short narratives. Sometimes you might write a short message in Canvas or via email to your instructors. You may also have financial aid forms to fill out, or application materials for programs or for transfer institutions. What about your world outside of school or work? Do you, occasionally, write a Facebook post, or a tweet, or a Snapchat? Do you repost other people's articles and memes with your own comments? How about text or emails to friends and acquaintances? You might also be a writer of what we sometimes label as creative texts-you might write songs or song lyrics, or poems, or stories. The names of the things you write-emails, messages, record or application forms, order forms, lab reports, field observations, applications, narratives



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